Hey, speaking of parties.

We gotta do a east coast party for RPGC. Damn you west coast people. shakes fist And although I can almost guarantee I won’t be there for it (for a fear that you people will all be freaks and lack of general time), I still call for it to be in Massachusetts for two reasons.

[li]Merl lives here.
[/li][li]I live here.
[/li][li]I believe more people live in MA than any other state on the east coast (generally).
[/li][li]My friend (whom you will all meet shortly if he gets a confrimation e-mail sometime soon (and who some of you have heard of)) lives in MA and would have next to no chance of getting out of state and he’s been bugging to meet all of you. And if you think it’d be freaky to have somebody you don’t know bugging to go to a party with you, don’t worry, you’ll probably see a lot of him here (more than you’ll see of me, actually).
[/li][li]Errrr. This is more than 2 reasons. I failed math! >.>

Anyway, yea, I’m pulling for MA, because even though I probably won’t be able to make it, chances are better if it’s somewhere in the state. Like the Cape 'cause the Cape owns j00 all. >.>

But yeah. As for a kinda guesstimate date, I’d say late June. Just 'cause then there’s like no holidays until July 4th and most people are out of school and have had a chance to have a party or something (although he gets out the 1st week of June WTF?!).

So yeah, this is me just rambling about how THE EAST COAST OWNS YOU AND WE’LL HAVE A BETTER PARTY. >.>

Sticky please?

You’re stupid, Cala! We did it for the love!!!11111111111111111

Yea, well… Uhhh… We’ll have Merl. We automatically win.

But will HE be there? And he’s like… super tall!

Dammit, I’d go, but my parents are somehow thinking it’s uncool for me to go to massachusetts on my own D:

I still say it should be in ohio, cause then I’d be able to be at it >.>
And there’d be hanging out at my friend Chris’s house, cause he has billiards >.>

Damn East coasters ripping off West coast ideas like fun ad partying with strangers you vaguely know from the internet.
throws the west side sign

I’d be more than willing to go in July or August as long as I had advance notice and somebody could pick me up.

This works for me. MA is close enough to CT. Arranging transporation would be a problem for me, though…I’ll have to think about that for awhile.

And I think July or August would be best.

I could always fly in if someone could give me a lift at the airport. So long as it’s after August 6th so I’m 18 by then.

I don’t know if my parents would let me take a trip like that. But hey, I know that there are at least two people from the Rochester area, and I’m within distance of those two << >>

I could probably arrange transportation for picking people up (like Xelo from the airport).

I guess I could be arsed to bitch my mom out til she lets me go.

Bah…MA…that’s like…far away -_-

Heh CC and I talked about this before. It would be really cool but yeah I wouldn’t be able to go :\ Expect me at these things when Im like, 18.

I’d love to go to, but my parents probably wouldn’t let me.

Hell yeah, you guys gotta get one goin’ too. Cuz, that’d be like, awesome. The more of these things we have going, the better.

I’ve been waiting for the East Coasters to get one going, too.

And Cala: yeah, we’re all freaks here at RPGC, but freaks in a GOOD way. They’re fun.

Flint: Hey, like Frame said, anyone who can make it is invited. RPGCers welcome. I think it’d be cool to get some of you B.C. folks at the next West Coast partay.

I’ll probably merely think it’s a really spiffy idea, and then eventually not bother to go.

MA has me, so MA wins ^^

I think we should do NC, as i and like three others live here.

Just not at my house.

True dat, bitch.