Hey RPGC! Long time no see!

But that should be no problem for him, because he’s such a Swift Kid! Ahahahahahahhhhhaaaaaaa!!! AHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Hoo boy, I think I’d better sit down.

Charlemagne can’t have an orgasm unless he kills a dog.

Ah. Another person that joined right after me.

Howdy howdy.

Oh Christ…

Evil has returned to RPGC. Nothing short of demented evil.

does the welcome back dance I remember you! I made you a Christmas avatar, I think.


I remember who you are, but I don’t remember that much about you. You’ll just have to remind us all.

But anyway, Swift Kid, it’s nice to see you again.

Heya swift, it’s been a while.


You did what to whose dog for how many cookies?!?

I don’t remember you, but welcome back anyway.

Hello and welcome back. :wave: