Hey RPGC! Long time no see!

Well, I’m back. I got a new computer and new house, so I decided it was time to come back. Not much has changed, but I can’t get into the chat room now. :eek:
To my battle.net buddies, I have The Frozen Throne, and you can whisper me at IllidansI)emon@Azeroth.

“Nanoo Nanoo!” (MST3K:TM)

Hi. I’m been here not too long.

Big Nutter
Note to self: asseble welcoming party

who the wha?

hehehe… Hi Swift ^.~


Oh God, Eden. Don’t start this up again. I just got back! :fungah:

I think I missed some thing?!!

Correction: Have I missed something I DO NOT want to know??

Big Nutter
has left the Building

BN, dont ask.

I think I remember you…kinda.

I play WC3 too. You can contact me if you’d like a gane.

That bad, huh?

Big Nutter
is Puzzled! But not asking.

Its part of RPGCs horrible secret.

No…Eden is part of the horrible secret.

part? is.

True, very true. BTW, I can go to the chat now.

No one… must know… our seeecreeet…

First rule of RPGC, don’t talk about [STRIKE]Fight Club[/STRIKE] our secrets.

Panamajack was breast fed till he was 17 years old… by his father!

Ugh. I remember hearing that Eden has a third nipple or something along those lines.

Hello you.

I think I remember you or maybe that was somebody else…Either way welcome back ^^

You’re they kid whose parents dragged you on a cross country trailer expedition or something right?