Hey, no one here happens to have Kartia, do they? :P

Man, I have just been feeling the urge to play Kartia: The Word of Fate lately. If y’all don’t know, it’s an old PSX Tactics RPG. It was rather obscure and disliked, but I enjoyed it. Maybe it’s cos the music was good, or maybe it was just the nostalgia factor, as it was just at a really cool time in my life when I played it. I don’t really care what the reason was, but man, I wanna relive it. If anyone has the game, and they could send me the ISO, or if they’re even willing to part with it, I wanna know. :open_mouth:

oh man, I remember wanting that game and never playing it…

It’s not bad at all. You should really check out the PSF files, the music is really, really good.

Damn though, I came back and saw you’d posted and I got all excited, lol! Oh well. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember playing that game… I just can’t remember if I own it or rented it from Blockbuster. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll check though.

Own it, got it around here somewhere, ain’t NEVER selling it. Not even to you, SG. sorry hun.

Played it. It’s not that good. Music was amazing, but it didn’t have a lot of hooks. The rest of the game is just sub-par.

And weonlydooneproductionrun.com (AKA atlus.com) probably has it all sold out. I was lucky to be able to get Persona 1 and 2 from them, at an extremely fucking high price.

There are two people in IRC who have a rar’d copy of it. Best I can do. The database is down right now though, so you’ll have to wait until they fix it.

I’ve got a copy lying around somewhere. It wasn’t a bad game. The gameplay was kind of uninspired, I thought, but the characters were pretty cool.

Hmmm…just how many of you (besides those who have said no already :P) are actually willing to part with it? :stuck_out_tongue:

kartia, I love this game. Probably one of my favourite games of all time. The music was very nice and was probably one of the best points in the game. I was lucky I got it for 20 dollars a couple years ago.

Why the hell did you necropost on something nearly two years old? Please refrain from doing this.