Hey, Ms. Alwayskidnapped!

I’ll kidnap your FACE!


“You’re in violation of the law!” “You’re in violation of YOUR FACE!”

I do not know what I could do without my Kidnapped White Woman of the Month fixation.


Er… I’m crushing your head?

All I can think is Ashley from RE4.

I admit myself surprised by this thread. It, in short, confuses me.


…huh??? O_o

Does it taste goooooood? :smiley:

For those of you who don’t get what Eden is talking about, 24 hour cable news channels have a tendency to latch onto a Kidnapped White Woman of the Month. The most recent one was found dead, in a lake I believe.

For those of you who don’t get what 984 is talking about, He’s trying to express how white america shows more interest in the disappearance of caucasian women, and less interest in other nationalities. For instance, African Americans.

He’s saying all white people are racist. Just because we are civilized and don’t cage our women. But let them explore their natural habitat. It just so happens that they get kidnapped by other people.

Also, don’t blame the lake. I’m sure she was killed and then PLACED in the lake. I seriously doubt the lake had anything to do with her death. Just lay off, homes.

I don’t know. The lakes in L.A. have been acting up lately. Stealing frisbees and throwing their excess water into people’s shoes, real horrible stuff. It’s just a small step from there to murder. Maybe some sort of lake conspiracy against us.

Breaking News: The body of famed actress TrkJac has been found in a lake. I put it there.

Now testify!

Oh Noes! If the lakes start rising up then what will keep the Cows from revolting against their masters.

I never did trust lakes. Or cows. Or trees, for that matter.

You only need to worry about the lakes and cows. The last of the Dark Bark Council trees were destoyed long ago. We need not fear them now.

That’s only what they want you to think. Trees lurk everywhere, you know. Sooner or later they’ll rise up against us, and THEN who’ll save you? Not I, to be sure. I was not the one who insisted on cutting back the tree defense budget.