Hey, Im back from australia.

I’m also back from being banned. Man am i happy. The place rocked. I must go back and visit. And i am also back from camp. 2 days after i came back from australia i went to camp. Camp rocked, like australia.

I’ll be willing to answer questions when asked, about my trip of course.

I just got back from Mexico and you don’t see me making a thread. Wanna know why? Generally people don’t want to care, or hear about how fabulious your vacation was because they are poor, working, or handicapped.

You were ban… and you went to australia? Man, what are the chances!


You’re not 131 years old you god damn liar.

Im obviously not 131. Its vash the stampedes age on the show. All my crap is trigun related, so im not a liar. Im 15, almost 16…well, in february. And i thought some one might have a question for me, and i would ask a question in your mexico thread…if you have one that is.

Question: if we turn this thread into a heated discussion like the one that got you out for some time, do you think you’d make it so you’d be banned again, or would you post differently and try your best to be part of the community?

Wow. I’d actually forgotten who you are until I clicked on this thread. :open_mouth:

Does this mean Setz and Charl are back as well?

Check the summer cleaning thread and find out, BMO.

Also: Quit fucking up, NMG.

There’s nothing in that thread about who was banned and/or for how long.

they got it for 2 more months. I’m not trying to start anything, so if it helps, just close the thread so I dont look like the bad guy like always.

I’ll just take this chance to congratulate Steve on his avatar and suggest we all deviate this impending flamewar into a less ban-inducing topic of the like of how Thomson called the FBI because he considered that icon to be an explicit death treat.

I must inform the rest of the internet!

I dont wanna be banned again, so please dont be negative towards everything i do, because that is what it seems to me. A month was enough, so im done here.

Just relax, dude. People’s reaction towards you is like a karma - if you stay cool, you’ll get good reactions.

So where in Australia did you go?

Did you get to see any of the exotic animals that live there that I used to and still do obsess over?

You’re amazed by our animals… that’s cool!
But it’s only common here - I mean, I have a koala chauffeur!

How did you like it NMG? What did you do down here in the Wonderful Land Of Oz?


Did you get to visit Dublin? I mean Dublin in Australia. It’s the best place to be this time of year. You really need to have been there to know what I mean.

Kangarooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos! Kanga-kanga-kangarooooooos!!!