Hey Guys

Dev’s post really got to me. I’m sorry for ever making a joke. I’m going to act seriously for the rest of my life, and never joke again.

So, what’s all of your favourite games? I think it’s subjective.

Who should’ve won the election? I think there are many reasons for voting for both bush and kerry.

What is the meaning of life? I think it’s different for everyone.

Who is the hottest girl ever? I think it depends on personal taste.

Wait, this is fucking boring. No wonder I decided a long time ago not to give common, typical, unpassionate responses to people who expect a little insight and humor. Sorry for being a clown, Dev, but I’m not changing. In a nutshell, fuck you and lighten up, or at least pretend to be as pleasant as most of the people here can.

This small glance into an alternate bizzaro world where Hades is serious frightens me on a level I had never previously imagined existed.

I couldn’t agree more.

This is what it would be like if Hades was normal gentle person… DON’T EVER DO THIS AGAIN, YOU SCARED THE EVERLIVING CRAP OUTTA ME!

At least you tried.

Hades…man, don’t ever freak us all out like that again. o_o;


Hey peirson where are you getting all those clips from? there freaking hillarios. :moogle:

He just wants to be loved, to be cuddled. Look at that anger! Arr! All he really wants is a teddy.

I don’t want to picture Hades in a teddy.

No Hades, don’t abandon this progress. In just one post you finally understood what it is not to be an obnoxious ass, then quickly corrected yourself. Learn to embrace that in you which does not judge or condemn. The better you know that in yourself, the easier to piss off people who are always like that. Know thy enemy and bullshit like that.


Not for the likes of you.

I can’t take you seriously when you have Piccolo as your avatar >:O

Hades, don’t bitch about people taking you seriously. Half the time there is nothing indicating you’re joking, so people will indeed take it as being an asshole.

Hades: Thy games sucketh, all games sucketh!
Dev: Ah dear Hades, thou art wronged in thoughts!

So really, don’t yell at Dev just because you’re being an asshole :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t take Hades seriously because his opinion stinks more than his asshole-esque behavior, which can repel small wildlife at fifty yards.

Wow, this thread was hilarious.

Indeed. But I will credit him with at least not being Uriel. :smiley:

I love you too, daddy who was never there for me.

And by the way, let me assure you I take your opinion even less seriously than you take mine. All you’ve ever done was sit idly on your ass absorbing praise inversely proportionate to what you’ve actually earned. The only cool thing you’ve ever done was link to that t-shirt movie, with the cool folding technique. That was cool.

You smell funny :frowning:

Hahahhaaha, lets have sex

Hells yeah, I use that shit all the time.