Hey guys, let's fight crime!

Come on. There’s lots of crime, so let’s fight it!

Like what, your sig, av, and life in general?

To the bat cave!

No Steve. Like litterers and jaywalkers.

I like Hades’ sig. :o … But, I don’t really like Ayla so much. She probably has hairy armpits, 'n stuff.

Haha, you can see them in his picture. She doesn’t, sorry. >.>;

And her breasts look soft enough to sleep on. Just like cats curled up on each other, unconditionally loving without all the fucked up standards modern girls have. Ayla would be the best girlfriend ever. Kino is so lucky.

There was an ant in my house, and it was trying to rob me, so I killed it.

The end.

Mmm, cat breasts! :smiley:

I hope to god you’re a kitten who needs to be fed.

If that’s not a crime, I don’t know what is.

I thought a guy was stealing my newspapers, so i beat the crap out of him and hung him froma tree. Turns out, i don’t even get the newspaper

Lets go beat up some solicitors. Then arrest ourselves for being vigilantes.

Ah, but why stop at solicitors? Let’s go bag a few mimes!

Once, a dirt monster tried to steal my harvest, so I burned it with my laser eyes

That’s a lie, isn’t it Kor?

There’s no crime in the UK. We sent all our criminals to Australia long ago, where they live to this day setting up an anarchic left-wing society where peace is kept using ninjas and hovering kangaroos with pet-boots. I think. My sources could be mistaken.

Canadian Peacekeeper: “I’d like to interupt this gun battle, if I may, and ask that both sides please stop shooting at each other…and occasionally at me. If you don’t you leave me no choice but to ask you nicely again.”

  • stray bullet wings the peacekeeper’s megaphone*

Let’s make all crime capital!

I’m Still Waiting for an court Order off Yar Krammer. For ‘stealling’ His things,

Big Nutter
But Nowt Yet

I am the captain of the world crime league!

I will mention this. Let’s put an end to gas thefts. It makes me do more work.