Hey FF Guys! I'm Squall Master!

Hey final fantasy guys and gals!!!

What’s up?

I’m new here to these boards. It looks pretty COOL!!! You guys like RPGs huh? I like RPGs a lot! Esp FF!! All of them! But I haven’t played 11 yet, but I know I’ll love it. My mom is getting it for me for x-mas but she doesn’t like havin to pay each month. But thats okay, i’m sure she will. Yeah! FF forever.

So do you guys like FF too? What is your favorite FF? My favorite is 8. Isn’t Squall cool? Yeah, he totally is.

What RPGs do you guys play? I love to play lots of RPGs! I first played FF when I was 3 years old. Ill bet I was younger than you guys when you played FF. That makes me cool. When did you first play FF?

I like Legend of Dragoon. That game was pretty cool wasnt it? I don’t like the Final Fantasy Tactics game though. What’s up with THAT game anyway!!! It’s not even FF at all!!! BORING!!

So what else do you guys like? Do you guys like to watch anime? Anime is pretty cool. I love that show Digimon. I used to watch it every day.

Isn’t Japan cool? Japan makes ALL the best games doesn’t it? JApan made FF. And anime is cool too. But I don’t like to call them Japanese cartoons cause someone told me they aren’t really cartoons since everybody watches animes in Japan! Even grownups! Isn’t that weird? My parents would NEVER watch an anime!!! or a CARTOON!!! lol.

My stereo is a sony. It was made in Japan too. I listen to my LIMP BIZKIT cds on my sony stereo! Do you guys like Limp Bizkit? Those guys are awesome. They wrote that song Behind Blue Eyes. That is a great song. Limp Bizkit isn’t Japanese tho. Japan is cool, but we have cool stuff too. But not games. Wow, I wish I could visit Japan. Maybe when I’m older.

These forums are AWESOME! I can’t wait to talk to you guys and find out your favorite ffs! Hey how do you make one of those of pole things? Then I could find out! lol.

FF has hot girls too. Don’t you guys love Rinoa? Or how about Celes? Man, FF girls are so awesome. Tifa is cool too. THey’re all cool!!! Don’t you guys agree? Are there any girls here? I knew a girl in school who liked FF, but she died!!! Are there any girls who like FF here? That’d be cool!

Wow. Did you guys know I beat FF with all white mages? That makes me cool. I beat FF6 with imps too! Did you guys do that? I bet not. That makes me cool too. Maybe I could teach you guys some tricks too! How do I make one of those webpages, so I can show you guys my tricks? Like how to revive general leo! Do you guys know that one?! I bet you don’t, but I figured it out!!

Well guys, that’s enough for me! What are you guys getting for Christmas? Did I tell you I’m getting FF 11? That game is gonna be so cool!!! I can’t wait to play online FF with my friends!!! Do you guys wanna play with me too, when I get it? That’d be cool!

So do you guys like movies? I like to go to the movies. I went to see Haunted Mansion with my mom and sister tonight. It was pretty scary, but funny too. That eddy murphy is really funny. I didn’t know black people were so funny. I saw black people once, when my dad took me to the big city, but they were all wearing their baseball caps backward so dad told me not to look at them. They didn’t look very funny. But that movie was funny! and kinda scary too, though…but I was alright!!

So what movies do you guys like? Did you guys see the FF movie? That was awesome. The graphics were really cool. I wish they made a game out of it. That’d be AWESOME!!! Wouldn’t it?

Maybe I’ll think of more questions later! Bye guys!!!

FF Rules!

welcome to the forums you exuberant poster you.


Welcome. Hope you like place as well. It IS cool, you know.

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Welcome, and geez calm down before you sprain something :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by xSquall_Master-EXx
Do you guys like Limp Bizkit? Those guys are awesome. They wrote that song Behind Blue Eyes. That is a great song. Limp Bizkit isn’t Japanese tho.

Yeah, Limp Bizkit wrote “behind blue eyes”. It wasnt The Who, that sang it like 40 years before the people in Limp Bizkit were born.

Just like Kid Rock wrote “Feel like making Love”

I always thought it was Rush who originally wrote that song. Maybe because both the singers of the Who and Rush sound like girls.

Was it Rush? I thought it was The Who.

Is this guy for real? Surley it somone that made a second account to prove a point about flaming newbies.

PS: How do you ressurect general leo? you have to fight one million of those T-Rex beasts, then a hidden boss will appear and give you a NEO-PHOENIX materia, right?

No no, you’re right, I just always thought that it was Rush when I would hear it on the radio… I think this guy is a real newbie. If you are a real newbie Squall Master, the reason Karlemagne is doubting you is because recently there was an argument on the main board(you can read the stickied thread at the top of the page) about banning introduction threads like this one and also about attitudes towards newbies in general. Some people don’t like these kinds of threads, just ignore anything negative that’s said to you. Though everyone’s been positive in this one so far.

Magicite Karl, not Materia.

No dude, its Materia, its the prequil to FF7 after all, why wouldnt there be Mako and what not? The dragon is a mako dragon! BUM BUM BUM!!!

And the reason nobody is flaming this newbi is because he isnt an asshole at all, like all other noobs. See, all noobs are dicks, and they suck at spelling and what not. This guy actually cares about what we think. and I am proud to meat such an indivisual. Welcome Squall.

What happened to you? o_O Snap out of it and get your old post count, avvie and sig back, and fast or no cookies for you for the next month! >:O

Hi guys and gals!

Thanks for the welcome!!! Are you like Merlin as in the wizard? That was a cool movie!

And no Karlemagne…that’s not it at all! One of my friends tried to do that, but he had a brain seizure anyurism and he’s in the hospital now drooling all over himself!!! YIKES!!!

So do you guys like Tecmo Super RPG? Isn’t that the coolest?!

Whoa, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope he dies sooner rather than later. And Merlin is totally like that wizard, cuz he magically finds ways to OPRESS ME!!!

Tecmo Super RPG isn’t as cool as final fantasy 3 (did you guys know it was actually final fantasy 6 in japan, but they changed it for here?! Isn’t that weird?!?!) but it was still pretty cool! I had a super nintendo when I was 6. I’ll bet you guys never played Final Fantasy 3 when you were that young!!

I bet Ezboarder did.

no dude, I played it before I was born! I went back in time so I could play it!

And I didnt know it was ff6 in japan thats totally cool! weird!

dude, make that poll. you cant make them in the main forum, theres a polling forum, at the bottom of the screen it says somthing like “post a poll?” click on that. then click “post” it will bring you to a new screen that lets you add the options. its confusing I know.

Hey Karlemagne, where is your quote thingy from? Is it from a poem? I’m not allowed to read poetry!! My mom told me all people who write poems are Satan-worshipping hipys!!! But you seem pretty cool!

What is your favorite FF Karlemagne?

Yeah its a poem. I wrote it. my mother did pagan rituals, and I’m the son of lucifer himself, its pretty awsome being the antichrist.

my favorite final fantasy is totally final fantasy 7 its like the best game ever made!!!@

Awesome Karlemagne! I like 8 the best, but 7 was really cool too! Don’t you like Tifa?!

Hey guess what! I made a pole for the best FF! It’s in the palce with all the poles!! This board is so AWESOME!!! You can do so much cool stuff! Everyone go and vote! I can’t wait to see if Final Fantasy 8 wins!!!