Hey everyone! Look at the PSP games I bought!

There’s something of a fire sale on PSP titles right now on PSN. Most of the gust/NISA/Atlus RPGs are like 8 bucks. However, I ended up with the following:

Y’s: Oath in Felgahna
Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

Y’s is arguably the first ever J-RPG, yet I’ve never played a single title. I believe my initial thoughts are expressed elsewhere. So at 15 bucks a pop I figured I couldn’t go wrong.

Lunar SSSC is one of my all time favorite games, hands down. I really don’t know what to think of this remake…
The opening song is different which I despise… some of the voices are different, (most noticeably, Nall’s). However, the graphics have been overhauled and the spell effects are awesome. However, so far the in-between story bits feel necessary - IE: The beginning sequence with the 4 heroes. It was enough to hear what they’ve done. Any back story is necessary. I’m still gonna play it though.

Dragon Slayer predated Ys by about the better part of a decade and even the first one isn’t really the first JRPG ever (but it was among the first) plus the Dragon Slayer series has one of the most complicated family trees in all of gaming (Trails in the Sky for instance is a distant relative to the fifth Dragon Slayer title Legend of Heroes and Trails now has it’s own line of descendants).

Sperging aside, there’s a new version of Ys IV coming out to Vita in the near future and an older, less impressive, port of Ys VI already on the PSP (there’s supposedly a port of Ys books 1 & 2 on the PSP as well but I’ve never seen it for myself).

Just for my own iformation, you dowload these from the PSN on you PSP right? You can’t download and play them on a PS3 can you? I never looked much into handheld games but I always liked the idea of playing them on a regular TV.

PSP games can be dowloaded onto a PS3. PSone classics can be played on both.

You can’t play PSP games on a PS3.

Oops, I forgot the second part of that sentence. xD