Hey everyone, i'm not new!

Just wanted to say hi, and that I’m bored.

thwacks SS with the Baka-Stick

Silly kitty. gives teh kitty a pixy stick

Damn it, you guys, the tower will rise again! thats a bad thing! bah, fuck it, fuck you all!

Well, I AM new. I hope you think you’re funny making fun of me.

Hi. Now go out and have a walk.

Originally posted by Shinobi
Well, I AM new. I hope you think you’re funny making fun of me.


Uhh… your posts may count for you not being new.

You know, speaking of all the new members, has anyone noticed that the agora now has 666 members?


The end of days is near!!

Um. That’s not a seizure- pic.

THAT’s a seizure- pic. :slight_smile: Or eyeburning, rather. AND the color sheme of my PC. Do you like it? Actually I wanted to make it bigger, but it wouldnt let me ;_;


… had to, for it’s the truth. Ow.


Damn, I think I’m sterile now. GAH!

You don’t like it? Awwww DT disappointed ;_;
Maybe you like the roatting one better?
It’s a little smaller though.

<img src=“http://uploads.nulani.net/uploads/seizurepic3.gif” height=“500” width=“500”></img>

Ow… Pain… Lucifer… the 666 member foretellings are coming true! AHHHHHHHH! AVACADOOOOOO!

DT hurt my eyes ;_;

DT! That is evil!

Sorry Flinty ;_;

quickly supermegagigatera nuzzlecuddlehugglekisslesnugglefuggles Flinty ^^

I don’t see why people think that is so bad…
I’d rather look at that than the horrible abomination me and my friend created a while ago…
It’s food… Sorta… (Think Fae’s bacons, but it exists IRL)…
It was created by mixing coffee (and then I mean, coffee without any water added to it), sugar, juice, lemonade, a raw potato, chili sause, ketchup, mustard, a carrot, bread… … And the result was horrible to behold…
But at least it tasted nice :stuck_out_tongue:

(I wrote down the recipe if you want it :))