He's Super, that Man.

First picture of the new Superman in full costume.

(And YES, “RPGD”, I chose that title for the thread JUST to annoy you. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Opinion: Well, he certainly looks the part. But why is the red in his costume so dark? An intentional change, or is it explained in the film (maybe he’s in mourning?) Hmm…

The movie itself sounds interesting, but it sounds like there won’t be a superbattle ala Neo vs Agent Smith in Matrix Three. Too bad…

Where is it?

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You can’t see it in this picture but the entire thing is textured, kinda like a very syble snakeskin effect.

edit and here’s his Clark Kent:

And finally Reeves, for comparison:

Stop making these godawful puns in your topics on comic book movies. They’re not funny. Or clever.

I’d tap it

I’m sorry, but the red they used in the suit isn’t even close to right. It’s nowhere near bright enough.

You’re not funny or clever either 984, why be so negative?

Because I have an abundance of electrons.

Throw some positrons up in dat shit.

I heard somewhere else that the darkness of the costume has something to do with bad lighting in that particular shot.

…the costume makes him look like he’s made of rubber…

Pierson: Hmm, should’ve been more careful. Post fixed.

984: And the other thread titles here are? Right.

GG: Or maybe the costume will have enhanced effects onscreen, like they did with Spider-Man’s.

Forgive me for this, but… Superman is among the suckiest when it comes to costume design. I mean, his costume was cool until some decades ago, but now it’s so demodé (is this the right french word?).

Batman, that’s a well dressed DC hero. He’s never out of style. Aquaman is another one who’s elegantly covered. The most recent green lanterns are also good-looking in their clothes. But some DC heroes like the martian guy, Superman, Wonderwoman, Blue Beetle, among others, should definitively look for a new tailor.

Batman’s costume got a touch-up in the movies, the original one was basically the same as Superman, only in black plus mask and belt.

And Wil… he’s got a point man, the titles aren’t good at all.

Have we seriously run out of things to bitch about so that we have to shit on thread titles? Seriously, WHO THE FUCK CARES.

The picture does look like it has some lighting issues.

Ren: Costume design, like humor, is a relative thing; what works for you or me might not work for someone else. One thing that CAN be judged objectively, however, is the historical impact a design has had… and whether one likes Supes’ costume or not, the fact is that it has become so famous, that the very word ‘superhero’ immediately brings it to mind for most people. They’ve tried altering it thru the years (remember the four replacement Supermen they came up with back when Supes was ‘dead’? I actually liked some of their costumes better!) but they always get back to this design.

Hopefully in the movie it will have brighter tones.

Ah man, why’d you go and get thinking this was a GG thread?

Personally, I don’t think this new costume looks quite right. It just looks too plain. Maybe I’m just too used to the TV series costume, where the costume looked brighter and shinier.

Hopefully it will look better in the actually movie.

Eh…he still looks like a guy in leotard with his underwear on the outside.

I wanna see a Nny series. Even though he’s not a superhero, or even a good guy. :slight_smile:

Well, as for that Clark Kent guy, he really looks like a dweeb!