He's iron, that man

lol what

It’s a cleft sentence, that topic.

lol check this out
<img src=“http://bart.gamingw.net/junk/awesome/rememberkids.gif”>

He’s Iron, that Chef.

It’s a bandwagon, that topic.

There lame one’s, these jokes.

oh look 3 in a row

edit: who are you all, yoda?! it’s so not funny

LOL :smiley:

He’s a Major, that Tom.

Not Yoda, I am. Be the Queen of England, if I am. Make sense, that does not. For if Yoda, I am, then The quenn of England, I cannot be. Makes my head hurt, the Force does.

The truth he speaks, if Yodaspeak this were, “Iron, that man is” it would be.

I’m sorry, a nerdy Star Wars fan I am not!


Now this just lame.

It’s a stupid thing, these threads are… what?

If Disorderly, I am, then drunk, I must be.Not old, you are.It is stupid, this topic.Loopy, am I.

That’s putting it mildly.

VERY mildly.