Any one watch the new episode, it was killer!

I only watch “Grease: You’re the One Whom I Want” because it has some major babes in it.

I don’t watch TV trash. :frowning:


What’s that?

I watch it, it’s one of the best shows on TV these days (in its genre, of course.)

I was disappointed to find out that Eden is indeed dead. She had potential, IMHO. But then, why is Sylar still imprisoned? Shouldn’t he have escaped when he killed her? (Actually, I know he was recaptured in the online comic- but I don’t read it, it’s supposed to expand on the show’s characters, not feature important events like that one.) I can’t wait for Sylar to escape and open Bennet a new one, I can’t stand him.

Favorite scene: When Nathan complains that “The World doesn’t work like that” (regarding predictions) when suddenly Hiro (whom he met by chance a few eps ago) walks into the room, and they recognize each other. Hah!

I hope Ted doesn’t end up exploding, I feel sorry for him (even if he looks like the caveman from the Geico commercials, heh). But according to Isaac’s vision SOMEONE is going to explode, and better him than Peter.

Oh, and did you guys catch the special preview aired minutes before the actual episode? In it we meet the newest Hero, a female agent with the power to mentally access the internet. She can be very useful, indeed…

Originally posted by Wiilfredo Martinez
a female agent with the power to mentally access the internet. She can be very useful, indeed…

Can she direct me to some really good porn?

Silliness aside though, did anyone find that sword yet?

Man, I missed it (wasn’t even aware of it).

I was introduced to the show by a friend who said, “Watch this, the Japanese guy is awesome.”

So I watched the six episodes Sci-fi ran that night, and I told my friend in response, “Indeed, this Japanese guy IS awesome.”

And that’s the end of the story.


Also, this series rocks. Become an Hiro!

Hey Dutch TV networks pick this up plz.

Also pick up the new seasons of Battlestar Galactica. And Bullshit!

I wonder if the boy can do it as well since he speaks to machines.

Also, I think Peter’s unconciously extending his range as the show progresses. The invisible guy was across the street and he was able to take his power. Earlier he needed to be right next to someone to take it.

I’ve never like BSG, on a side note; it always seemed like a lot of people standing very close to each other and talking intensely and angrily often with no reason to go that overboard. Since they’re trying to be all emotional and nonsense, have all the characters gone and started cutting themselves yet? God, I hope they do, and die from it. Then the series can end and I can stop seeing commercials with crappy overdramatic pop music on Sci-fi every fifteen seconds.

Bullshit, on the other hand, is quite awesome, though you have to keep an eye on P&T sometimes. The recycling episode, as an example, came to the conclusion that recycling was useless because it wasn’t economically productive. Their Libertarian views miss the point sometimes. Still just about the best show out there, though.

Heroes is one of my favorite shows these days, and Monday’s episode was great. I missed the new person’s intro - argh! I’m not marking anything as spoilers, though, since the show was already broadcast.

Wil - why did you think that Eden might not be dead? I thought it was pretty clear in the previous episode that she killed herself from the amount of blood present and Sylar’s “Aww dammit/I guess I don’t get brains for dinner tonight” response. Were you just hoping? :slight_smile: I was more curious about how Sylar was recaptured since I only watch the show.

Was that symbol on the sword’s sheath the same as the tattoo on Niki’s back when Jessica’s around? Speaking of Niki, that was crazy when she broke the nightstick without being Jessica! I wonder how separate the two of them are or will be…

Also, funniest moment of the night - Hiro moving his arm up high and saying “Schooooo…!” to Nathan, Nathan telling Hiro to keep it down, and Hiro doing it again except more quietly! It reminded me of Christoper Lloyd and “Slow Down” in Taxi. :slight_smile:

edit - RPT, the Bullshit episode about funeral expenses was great. It’s amazing how some people will take advantage of others when they’re suffering.

Vicki: Yeah, I was just hoping Eden would’ve survived somehow. But I heard in the comics that Bennet visited her father (she was a runaway) to tell him she had died heroically. The comics also show Bennet and Haitian recapturing Sylar before he could escape, which is something I feel should’ve been shown in the show itself. Otherwise it gets confusing.

And yes, it’s the same symbol in the sword and in Niki’s back. In fact it has appeared in a LOT of places in the show, including a swimming pool (!) My bet is that it’s the logo of a company that Bennet works for (and Lieberman’s is his Boss, I’ll also bet.)

Nathan is a jerk right now, but something tells me he’ll end up leading the Heroes sooner or later, whether he likes it or not. :slight_smile:

If it is a company’s logo (Lenderman Group), they probably co-opted it from their research. Chandra Suresh’s computer that was processing DNA strings also displayed that symbol repeatedly in various places. I’m thinking the sequence of DNA that codes for a power will correspond to that shape.

I heard the symbol has to do with RNA, or some other genetic symbol.

I will do more research when I have time.

My drama/dramedy TV time is spent on 24, House, Bones, and Psyche. I have no use for your Heroes. >:|

24 rox my sox off.

Anyone else think that the people Mr. Benet is working for is the Linderman group? They keep popping up everywhere.

Haha, that was pretty funny. “Flyingman!” That and that whole bit where Hiro tries to draw the sword he just stole out of the museum out in public and it’s a fake. His expression was priceless.

Spoilers to monday’s episode:

They’re killing off another character!? I hope it’s nobody major. Ted (Radioactive guy) is probably the most likely… the one I hope they don’t mess with is Ando. He’s such a great balance to Hiro’s character.