Heroes of Mana is coming out this summer


The DS does have some serious RTS game potential. Here’s hoping that HoM will turn out better than either Lost Magic or Dawn of Mana.

Btw, the game being set in SD3 world ftw.

I honestly don’t think this game is going to turn out very good - I don’t really like anything that’s been going on with the series since Legend of Mana. I’d be happy to be proven wrong, though…

I sincerely hope this one will be better than children of mana

Damn it, just remake Secret of Mana with wireless multiplayer already. :too bad:



I agree with SG , but this could be very cool if they don’t fuck it up.

The only Mana game I’ve played was Secret of Mana… what I’ve heard from so many of you has scared me away from trying any of the others!

FFA for the original game boy was an excellent Zelda clone. SoM you know of. Legend of Mana is also excellent. The rest were ergh.

Seiken Densetsu 3 is love or hate, from what I can tell. I love it. I actually like it much better than Secret of Mana.
Legend of Mana is absolutely amazing. It’s one of the most legitimately touching and well-written stories I’ve seen in a game, and there are three of them like that in the game (well, Dragon Emperor is less touching, but still a good plot). It’s graphics are really cool, and its music is simply outsanding.
Like SG said, after LoM, though, things went all to hell.

Originally Posted by Rinn
Damn it, just remake Secret of Mana with wireless multiplayer already.

I would be carful when saying that lest Squeenix remakes it like the way they remade SD1 (i.e. Sword of Mana) Still I would definitely get it again if they rereleased it with only a few minor enhancements like the removal of some of the glitches and a reworked script. (Sorry Woolsey, this ain’t the 90’s anymore and lines like “Be Seeing You”, “Emporer”, “Brightness is returning to normal”, ect. just didn’t catch on.)

Also, I did not in particular enjoy LoM that much mostly due to the forced fighting that you must do making exploration a pain in the royal jelly. Though I did find the Jumi storyline enjoyable as well and the Farie’s War storyline was decent too. (when it wasn’t describing one of it’s more confusing plot devices…Maybe if I played through it with Escad instead of [STRIKE]Katt[/STRIKE] Daena)

Personally, I think the entire SD series is hit-or-miss. Every game I disliked (SoM, SD3, CoM, SwordofMana), I severely disliked (except CoM, which I just found very dissapointingly mediocre). On the other hand, the ones I liked (FFA, LoM), were amongst my favorite games for the console.

Possible credibility destroyer: I, for whatever reason, really enjoyed Secret of Evermore. I think it was the humour, and the being more difficult than SoM.

The biggest atraction to the Mana Series at least for me was the whole going on an epic quest to save the world WITH YOUR FRIENDS (or in some cases siblings). Games like FF6 totally blew away SD2’s storyline (although it could stand a retranslation) and MMO’s are just that with maybe an exception to SD3 there really hasn’t been a game that could combine those two elements like that since (including later games within its own series). FFCC did get close but was foiled by its inacessiblity due to its requirements of sperate GBAs for all involed along with Gamelink Cables. (The sight of it all working together is a sight to behold)

Edit: btw does anyone know where I can find the Untranslated Script for SD2?

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