Heroes: my review

OK, we’ve had two episodes of NBC’s new show “Heroes” so I think it’s time to share my opinions of it. Warning: contains spoilers!

First, for those of you who don’t know, “Heroes” is a “superhero” show (more like a Science Fiction drama with comic book elements, actually). It seems to be a hit (the pilot was supposedly seen by 25 million people) the only one that NBC has had since the “Deal or No Deal?” game show (a favorite of mine) which must be making them very happy, as NBC is fourth in the ratings (Fox recently overtook them) and they’re the butt of jokes even from its own comedians. :smiley:

The series is already being compared to “Lost” and while I think it’s too early to do that, I should point out that one of the writers of Lost, Jeph Loeb, is also working on “Heroes.” Loeb also works on “Smallville” and has done some great comic book work as well (On Superman and Batman comics, among others) so he knows his superheroes, too. Note that one of Loeb’s friends, comics artist Tim Sale, is providing the art seen in the show (the pictures and the comic book.)

The premise of the show is that some normal people around the world are suddenly developing strange powers, for no apparent reason. The show hints strongly however, that this isn’t just an accident, but that these people have some great destiny to fulfill; this includes (at least) saving the city of New York, which will apparently be destroyed by a huge explosion, which may be a Nuclear one, in a matter of weeks!

Here’s a list of the super-people who have appeared so far:
-A Los Angeles cop who can hear people’s thoughts;
-A serial killer who can freeze people (and then cuts outs their brains, uggh!)
-A NY political candidate (and his male nurse brother) who apparently shares the power to fly with his brother;
-A drug-addicted NY artist who can literally paint the future… but only when he gets high!
-A Texas cheerleader who can regenerate any wound, like Wolverine;
-A Las Vegas stripper/single mom whose mirror image seems to be alive!
-A Japanese Office Worker (and comics/Star Trek geek) who can teleport and travel thru time!

Not super-powered (that we know) but important to the story:
-The son of a Hindu scientist who was investigating the super-people but was killed, prompting his son to carry on the investigation;
-A mysterious bespectacled man who seems to be behind the people who are after the superhumans.

So far, the series has shown us how the characters’ lives have been affected by their new powers, and clues that SOMETHING big is going to happen (and that some very bad people are after them) have been shown, but most of the characters have yet to meet, thought some of them have run into each other seemingly by pure chance, without knowing about each others’ powers.

My opinion:
The show has great potential. Powers like the ability to see the future and to travel in time can be used to great effect (and have indeed already set up a “deadline” of sorts- the supers had better get their act together by Nov. 8, or it’s bye- bye New York!!) One of the series’ writers said in an interview I read, that the “Supers” may actually be created by the Earth itself as a way to repair the damage humanity has caused the environment, but the show seems instead to hint that they might be the result of some secret project; the first option is more interesting, but the second one makes more sense. I’ll wait until I have seen more before I comment on that.

I expected there to be some villainous organization after the supers, and the Guy with Glasses is apparently set up to be this series’ version of “Cancer Man” (the main villain in the X-Files, a creepy government agent.) The show has certainly given us several unexpected twists, like the fact that the Flying Guy shares his powers with his disbelieving brother, that Guy with Glasses is the cheerleader’s adoptive father, that one of the supers is a serial killer, that the stripper (or her reflection) may be a killer herself, and of course, that New York is going BOOM in 5 weeks! I must admit that I find the characters kinda bland (so far) but the story twists have certainly surprised me.

I think the serial killer bit is unnecessary and disgusting; otherwise, I like the other plotlines. Thought I found some of the characters’ encounters a bit annoying (of all the taxicabs in New York, the guy who can fly gets into the one driven by the Hindu scientist’ son?? And THEN he starts talking with him, a complete stranger, about how he’s been feeling ‘special’ of late? Sheesh!) but you can see that there is a larger story here whose pieces are slowly coming together; I like that. My favorite characters are, btw, the Otaku (what with me being a comics geek, too :wink: ) and the Stripper (and not just because she looks hot, but because she kicks ass!) I’ll give the other characters time to grow on me.

As I said, the show is good, AND it has the potential to be even better… I’m certainly going to keep watching, to see where it goes.

Oh, btw: the “Merry Marvel Marching Society” was an actual Marvel Comics Fan Club, thought it hasn’t existed since the 70’s, so what was Hiro (the japanese guy) doing with a MMMS merbership card in his wallet? He must’ve bought it as a curiosity. Still, nice touch from the show’s producers. :smiley:

I missed the first episode last week, but I saw last night’s episode, and I enjoyed it muchly.

A comment on the single mom/stripper: I got a slightly different impression than how you related her talents. It seems to me that she has a split-personality that she recognizes when she looks in the mirror, but it acts using her body during periods of time when she blacks out and of which has no memory.

Hmm, you might be right, Demi. However, since we’re dealing with characters with powers as incredible as Time/Space warping, a Living Mirror Image isn’t impossible either (and would be more interesting than the old “Evil Personality” schtick.) But let’s see what they do with it… I don’t think she’s the serial killer, thought.

Dammit, I started typing in the quick reply box and it got erased because the page hadn’t finished loading.

Anyway, yeah, I agree it doesn’t seem like she’s the serial killer. What she did seemed more self-preservational. And it didn’t involve freezing people solid, cutting open their skulls, and removing their brains. (sorry if that’s spoilerish, but it’s only the second episode, so it can’t be that big of one).

I thought the mirror image was her repressed self/dual personality. It takes over her body in times of need, like when those guys were filming her but also has enough forethought to plan out the dumping of the bodies and getting another car.

But that sounds too ordinary. In keeping with the super powers I’d say it’s telekinesis manifested in a repressed self/dual personality.