Here is my dream....

My dream is to make a website. Where I could just complain about the shit that bugs me, everyday. With complete freedom. Kind of like facebook, but I don’t have complete freedom on facebook and I have to put up with seeing other peoples opinions that I have no desire to know about. So, help me out guys, how do I get started and who can help me. In return I will do whatever you want.

Sounds like a blog. You can do one right now. Several already exist. Go.

Is the word ‘blog’ a combination of bullshit and log? If not where did it come from?

I would say that is an accurate description of what they’re about.

Though the word itself comes from ‘weblog.’

Just upload videos of yourself ranting to youtube and make it into a series.

But wear animal costumes every webisode.

Yeah, you could make a blog (or a livejournal?) or a free site… does geocities still have free sites? There’s a lot of places you can do that. And not have to deal with other people like on myspace/facebook

Use Creed’s model

There are some good ones out there. In general, you’re right.


If you’re going to post hateful, violent, or copyrighted content, you will have to find a non-mainstream blog service, as most of them abide by that crap.

I think it’s about time you sold all your worldly possessions, moved to a shack out in the middle of Idaho and started writing your insane thoughts down on scraps of paper in between constructing crudely-made improvised explosive devices. That obviously seems to be where your life is headed, so I think it’s time to embrace it.

Well thanks for the support, I should have clarified. I wanted my own website where i could post these things. I don’t want like

Wasn’t there a thread about how to get your on .com recently?

Yeah, and that thread was created by none other than…Charlemagne? What the crap?

Well, if I had known this I would have said I told you how to do it already – go to, buy a domain, and get their cheapest hosting. They come with a boatload of free programs you can install for posting articles daily, or if you don’t like theirs, you can go to and look at the thousands of free PHP scripts they have for doing that kind of thing. If you need help setting it all up, get the domain and hosting first and PM for help.

Edit: Is the thread about building your own PC going to be used to run a server? If so, ignore the above and I’ll post in that topic on what you need to do.

So the plot thickens…

Dun dun dun!