<img src=“”> So yeah. Is there anybody here who ever set up a helpdesk? You know, those stupid things where you’re on hold for 3523 hours and then get hung up on. I need to know the equipment, software etc needed to set up a simple helpdesk. A database program would be useful too (to store answers to questions in)

As in, a place where people ring and ask supid questions?

I’ll try and help you with the database. You can solve the problem two ways, obtaining an actual database or using MS Excel. The best alternatives for an actual database is mySQL or MsAccess, should you already own that. Then all you’d have to do is make two tables, one for questions and one for answers.

<img src=“”> Well, here’s a pretty complete list of the stuff I need to know. If you could help me a bit with this, I’d be very grateful.

  • How to set it up so that if someone calls a number (of the helpdesk), that it connects to a computer which redirects to various people according to choices. You know, dial 1 for hardware questions, dial 2 for software questions, drial 3 to get kicked in the nuts etc.

  • How to set up a database for the monkeys that work the helpdesk to look up answers to questions in, and procedurs for determining the problem (is the cable plugged in? yes/no, if yes, ask if the power is on, etc)

  • How to set it up that said monkeys can transfer the call to someone (I don’t know, please hang on while I redirect)

  • How to set up a queue system. All lines are busy, callers are put on hold and automatically transfered to an open line as soon as one becomes available. Knowing how to set up an annoying jingle for this works too.

Technically, we also need to make it available to actual visitors (go to a desk, talk to a drone) and by email, but that’s pretty obvious to set up. Granted, knowing how to set up a “trouble ticket” system (like what certain providers (like rackshack) have) would be a lot handier than just old-fashioned normal emails, but yeah.

Also, I can’t really check out mySQL here at school (no installing priviledges), but is a mySQL database hard to set up?

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I don’t know much about setting up a HelpDesk station, but I can give you some advice on databases. If you don’t have MySQL available, the best thing in my opinion is MS Access. It and Excel work almost the same way, but I find Access a little handier. For example, if you put questions in one column and answers in another, then want to sort them, you have to make sure you highlight both lists in Excel, or else it will only sort one list and screws up the q/a idea. With Access, it automatically sorts both columns so your data always stay together. You could use keywords for each problem and then sort the list alphabetically (i.e., any question w/ the monitor could have “monitor” as they keyword, making it easier for others to look up answers).

I’m hoping by monkeys you mean people, lol, I don’t know how to teach monkeys anything. Transferring the call is simple, almost all office-type phones have a transfer button. You just hit the button, then punch in the extension you want to transfer to.

I hope that helps somewhat.

We use a helpdesk software that’s installed on the School’s server that allows teachers to log in to the system (through the internet explorer) and place helpdesks that way. You’d have to purchase some software (where there are a lot as I’ve heard) but it’d be very simple to set up and use.