Help with networking

Right, does anyone know how I can link up my new laptop my my old PC and transfer files across? I really don’t want to waste hundreds of CDs copying and pasting my .avi’s and stuff. The laptop has the the usual jacks, ethernet etc, but I have no idea what to dooooo.Help…

If they both have WinXP you can run the program that networks for you.
Just choose the appropriate settings.

Rocking. Thx.:yipee:

If everything works like it is supposed to you should have to plug the cables in, and leave the rest of the technobabble to the OS.

I know, but the PC’s I’m using have those like-ethernet-but-smaller jackes which are ev0l, and it refuses to work. Is it possible to network through USB cabling?

Yes it is, it’s a bit more work though. You’ll have to establish a direct connection between the two computers. I wouldn’t be much help, since I haven’t done that since the days of the serial cable.

And those jacks that looks like Ethernet but aren’t, are modem jacks.

your best bet is to either set up a small network (very easy if you have XP), you can do that either with a hub, or if you’re feeling very cheap a cross cable.

Since you say that you have “smaller jacks” those are phone jacks, not ethernet jacks, meaning…

  1. yes you can do a usb connection ( bit of work involved)

  2. you can make a direct phone connection between your computers, just make a connection, make some phone numbers for your computers, connect a regular phone line to the computers, and whala, only problem is… its phone lines, so its gonna take forever. but its a ot simpler if you have the time:)