Help with Avatar

I need some assistance on how to get an avatar off the internet.

what do you mean by off the net?

  1. Find Picture, right click, save as
  2. Open in editing program and Resize to 150 by 150
  3. Upload into the “User CP” section of the forum
  4. Enjoy

Edit: The mods may have taken away your ability to chose a new avatar, hence you have the avatar of shame right now.

lol ya maybe

Avatar of shame?

Yup, Jigglypuff appears to be the one used if you break the rules with Avatar image. You should also get a Pm (assuming you’ve got room in your mailbox).

If you ever been trounced by Jiggypuff in either Pokémon or Super Smash Bros Melee, you know why it’s that.

Basically the mods were really annoyed by Quina, but Quina wasn’t breaking enough rules for a banning.
Hence the avatar of shame.

yep called that one in his crazy-FF thread…just so long you can get away with crap like that

It seems people dont’ like to see spam, spam in a can, or spam anything round here?

Ya…I think 18 pages of irrational thinking consitutes the title “spam”

nah thats nothing i’ve made a topic that had an irrational amount of 55 pages that certainly certify as spam. and i’m in a group named THE SPAM HIGH COUNCIL! But i’ll behave here now to leave this thread to rot in it’s own waste.

Cid said in my FF thread that he wasn’t the person who changed my avatar. Is he lying?

Could have been someone else

Are you actually accusing me of lying to you? Or rather, accusing me behind my back to someone else? That’s low.

I’m not the only moderator/admin for these boards. I was telling the complete truth. I have no idea who changed your avatar. I don’t even know how to do it.

Who are the other moderators/administrators? And what forums do they run?

So only Admins can forcefully change avatars?

All mods can change someone’s avatar.

Quina, go <a href="">HERE</a>, click edit avatar, then EDIT YOUR AVATAR.

quina you have to be…no i wont’ sind to your level.

You download one from somewhere and then use the User CP. It’s as easy as that.