Help, urgent

I need a free , easy to use HTML/page editor for mac. Suggestions very welcomed, pref with links so I don’t have to look em up. Thanks.

EDIT-Oh. Mac. Nevermind.

Like, a real editor? Like frontpage? Because Claris Works is the Mac equivilent to notepad/ms word.

I’m not fucking around, if anyone’ll be making more posts like Devillion, I’m going to be fucking pissed. I don’t want something like Word. I want something like Frontpage but that won’t fuck up my work if someone else wants to edit my stuff.

A quick google pulled this:

Take your pick.

And I searched for “Macintosh HTML Editors”.

I need to know what’s good without having to install and uninstall a half a dozen programs. I can search google and like any other half wit.

Well, you said you wanted something and that it was urgent, so I figured you needed it right this very second. Don’t bite my head off.

Jeez. Dreamweaver is all i can think of, besides clarisworks like sorc said.

DW = $$$$

As I said already, something like Claris/Word isn’t acceptable…

This one looks really easy to use, yet effective.