Help please ;_;

Dual-channel operation requires identical paired DIMMs installed across both memory channels.
BIOS has detected a non-optimal memory configuration. Changing the existing DIMM configuratio ncan improve th esystem’s memory bandwidth:

Channel A, DIMM 0 should match Channel B, DIMM 0
Channel A, DIMM 1 should match Channel B ,DIMM 1
Press F4 to Run SETUP

All of a sudden it does this to me at startup, and I can’t get it to start windows. Anyone know how to fix this? =/

Eh, RAM problem… Try switching the sticks around, or replacing them. If that doesn’t work, lemme know.

ok, its wierd because I didn’t touch them at all =/

Yeah, technology can be shitty like that. Chances are, the RAM’s old or may have arc-ed or something similar to that…

Also, the error seems to point to mismatched amounts of RAM.

I tried moving the ram around, and eventually just took a stick out. now all it does is take forever on the loading windows screen and freezes at a blue screen with the windows logo on it @_@;;

edit: I’ve tried having just one stick of ram in the comp, and tried it with each stick. still nothing.

Okay, I know what this means, I am very familiar with the error.

Notice how the RAM on your computer is organized into ‘slots’, in ‘rows’. Notice how they are next to each other. These ‘DIMMS’ as they are called, have a trick to them in some configurations. The trick is that two memory sticks of identical amounts need to be right next to each other. IDENTICAL. Now, if you never touched it, this means two things;
A: They got dislodged.
B: ONe of them is failing on you.

Try putting them back in their old position and clean off the connectors (ground yourself first!). Make sure they are firmly in place. Try that out.

I cleaned my entire comp with compressed air and gave the ram slots extra cleaning love. I put the ram back in to the exact same spots. Nothing. They’re being read, because at the top of the bootup screen it says the correct number of ram. I also tried switching up slots, and that doesn’t work either. I’m really lost. I think imma go try putting in different ram.

Try MemTest86, it does a better job than your bios do. It helped me fix my ram issue (though it turned out i needed a new stick).

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thanks for the link, but its hard to download and test if I can’t get it to start up.

Just use whatever computer you are using to post to download it, run the install to make it into a bootable floppy, then boot the floppy in the affected computer. If the computer to the point where it posts and checks the ram, then it can run the floppy.