Help on Clearing Out Computer Space

I am trying to install FFXI on this computer, but I need help on finding out what exactly is taking up so much room. My songs are only like 3 gigs at most, WoW is 7, FFXI will be 6.5. Half Life 2 only says .5 gigs. Porn is ilke a gig or two at most. I’m supposed to have 40 gigs.

Is there a way to find out what is taking up all the room?

Download and follow the instructions to install this:

Hit Windows Key+E

Go through all the folders on your C:\ drive and look for the ones that are the biggest, then determine if they can be removed or not. The foldersize tool above is a really nice hack, windows explorer doesn’t show you the size of folders by defualt.

Otherwise just go into control panel > add and remove programs and start uninstalling shit you don’t need.

I’ve been using add and remove programs, and that’s why I can’t figure out what is taking up so much room, nothing in there but WoW is very big.

I’ll try out the foldersize thing tonight, I’m just afraid of downloading a computer virus

The foldersize thing is legit, trust me.

This program is pretty badass. Thanks man

I installed it and it still doesn’t show me the size of folders… >_>

Did you make sure to enable it in explorer by following the instructions? Sometimes it takes awhile to determine size…but it should work. :frowning: Its really useful so sucks it wont run for you.

Duh, I guess I should have finished reading the instructions past the “download file” part… well, I am a little bit retarded… <_<

Edit: Nevermind got it