Help! Old RPG I can't find!

I need some help from some of you classic gamers out there…

There is a game, the name of which I cannot remember, and it is driving me nuts.

The primary things I remember:

  1. If you died at any point in the game, you would be sent to Heaven (Valhalla perhaps?), and you were able to play your character there. Attempting to steal or kill any beings in heaven resulted in your second and final death.

  2. The gameplay was in an RPG style, with an overmap in which you played and entered into dungeons/cities from.

  3. Skills included thieving and combat; skills were trainable

  4. I remember specifically a dungeon in the top right of the overmap in which you could not see the walls around you

This is probably a shot in the dark, but maybe I’ll get lucky!


Never played it, but it sounds like Act Raiser

Do you have any idea what system it might belong to, what era it was? Might help narrow things down a bit. And it doesn’t sound like Actraiser to me.

Good suggestion, but Act Raiser is not it.

I guess I should clarify that this was a PC game with poorer graphics than those achieved on SNES.

Think more of the NES era.

More helpful information:

It was turn based.
At least while in cities, you only were in control of one character. I believe that there were no other members in your party.
The vantage point was a typical top-down as in most of the dungeon crawler games.

The Ultima games come to mind. Which one though I can’t tell you. Not likely the first two or three since they weren’t even up to NES level quality visuals yet.

Hmm, the Ultima series looks very promising…particularly #'s 3 to 5.

Ultima IV was a game with graphics similar to what you describe, but if you died, that was it. No heaven, no more cake.

If it was a PC game, did you buy it at a store? Or download it for free? Because if you downloaded it for free you may never find it. There was so much freeware flying around in those days it would be pretty difficult to track a game with such a vague description. A unique one though I might say.

If you did download it (like Sorcerer said) and it was on the PC with NES-like graphics… then was it a DOS game? If so you can always try this:

Skim through there and your bound to find it (provided it’s DOS that is! :P) That’s where I get all my old favourites! :slight_smile:

Well this game kinda sounds like an old DOS game, and it sounds alot like the old Bard’s Tale