Help me find a old snes game? `

I used to come here a lot to find new games. There was a snes game I remember wanting to play but the translation wasn’t complete yet. It was like a mix between final fantasy tactics and bahamut lagoon. You’d move your armies around on square tiles and when they met you’d have ten on each side of the screen. It was also kind’ve like ogre battle in that you’d answer questions at the start that would determine what kind of unit you were ( knight, hawkguy). The tutorial mission had you defending a town. The bad guys used knights to clear out a line of pikemen so they could kill the leader. When a leader dies all his guys do too. I’m looking for at least a name of the game. Thanks

Might it have been called Tactics Ogre?

Otherwise I have no idea since there’s hardly any game SRPG or otherwise from that era that actually lets you define your MC beyond just naming him.

Der Langrisser.

I have the fully translated ROM and have played it many times~ You can get it on like Rom Hustler or whatever.

Shit. You’re right. When I read having ten guys on either side I thought he meant the total number of deployable units one can field per battle.

But yeah, Der Langrisser has every main character lead a unit of up to ten guys each. You can even control your characters’ promotion route. It’s most likely that game.

Der Langrisser is one of my favourite games of all time. This thread was like, made for me to answer it :stuck_out_tongue:

I also recommend trying the Genesis version, Langrisser Hikari II. s’got better graphics, better music, and better AI, although it doesn’t get the branching storyline.