Help, I need to remove one of my FAQ from your website

Hi RPGClassics,

I kindly need your assistance in removing my name in one of your FAQS.

I was the author of this FAQS back in junior school and wasn’t expecting to see this FAQ anymore when I goggled my name. This FAQS was original hosted by Gamefaqs.

I have no problem if you would like to keep the FAQs in your web but please help me to remove my name. Thank you.

Please let me know if you can help me and I’ll PM the link of the FAQs.



It’d be nice with some details, yes, if not exactly the link, then at least the name of the FAQ.

Hi Nulani,

Thanks for the reply.

Please find below link to the FAQ (please remove my name as author from this page as well)

Thanks again for this.



I’ve removed it from the actual FAQ. Could you see if it’s possible to remove the name from the listing, Cidolfas? ( Or someone else that has some recollection of how Alexandria works. I’m guessing it’s stored somewhere in a database. )

Thanks Nulani, but I still can open the file from my end :(. And should I contact Cidolfas directly to remove my name from listing?

Once again, thank you.

The file is still there, but the name is removed. And no, I’ll get ahold of him or figure out how to remove the name somehow.

Removed now.