Help finding Dark Knight art...

I’ve been trying to keep my eye out for some of Amano’s Dark Knight art. It’s hard to find good sites that feature Amano’s work. I’ve been to the webside and browsed a lot of his art there, but the FF section is “under construction” and has been since i found the site. Any help in this department would be greatly appreciated…

I know a good website for Final Fantasy stuff. It’s called the Final Fantasy Compendium. Mayhaps you’ve heard of it?

Seriously though, take a look in the Square Art section of the FFC. In fact, I’m going to be REALLY nice and link directly to the image you probably want. I think Amano really only has one published piece of Dark Knight art, so this is likely the only one you’ll find. Hope it helps.

Thats great !




Except seeing as how Nate hasn’t shut up about starting a Dark Knight on FFXI, I wonder if he wants art of Cecil or not…

LOL, Dark Knight and Dragoon are some of my favorite amano drawings. (allthough that one of cara is nice ;D) He’s rapidly becoming one of my favorit artists.

As for my Dark Knight in 11… I think the AF gear looks awesome, and cant wait untill i get it. i walk around with a Fungus Hat as a fashion statement, LOL.