Help create the next ultimate series!

I have spoken with an admin to approve this message and it has been approved.

For all you gamers who wants to be in the gaming production industry like I do, join our team and create what could be the next Final Fantasy.

This project is in need of some serious creators and imagination. I have a plan to work with so that we can become a gaming industry of our own.

Many questions people ask me so far.

Q. How do you plan to succeed?
A. We start by working with the RPG Maker community, which shares software among this community to enjoy the free use of games created. This is how we attract the gaming community. We can bundle up our software and distribute it freely. The goal is to catch the attention of gamers by wowing them with our stories characters and design. We will do this by original artwork, Original music, Original plot. I already have a plot available to study, change, enhance or work with. I already have the first game on use to play and decide on how to fix and improve it. With all our heads together we will amaze the gaming community.

Q. It’s all good and well making free games but what do I get out of it?
A. Free games is only the beginning, I plan to take our story to another level. I Know of a great and easy to use 3D Game creator that allows cpp enhancements to the point of creating any style of role playing we want to do. These we can officialy sell under my business license. Once the games become a demanded enterprise we can officialy start our own version of something similar to Massive Multiplayer RPGs. These games will give us early retirement home free.

Q. Great plan, But how much of my time and money do you expect me to give for this project?
A. As much time as you can and want to give. NO MONEY! I will pay for all necessary tools to make this happen. I’m working towards a serious career in this, any help I get will be rewarded once this becomes a paying business, which means; if I get money so do you!

Q. So I just post a few ideas and than I’m scott free?
A. I’m afraid it is not that easy. I will put monthly statements out about the progress of the games. If I get little or no response I will Privately email you a warning that I will remove your account if you do not at least post messages of useful information and active creations by you. I am very lenient at first until the project starts really getting a start.
I am human to and I make mistakes also so if I post something that was taken the wrong way please work with me also. I’m totaly understanding and very forgetful. Anything I forget just please remind me.

Q. Where do I go and how do I start?
Paintings on Silence is my artistic company’s name, and the forum is there. PM “Epic Creator” (that’s me) and I will help you get started with an outline and the full story and the characters. It’s all a work in progress. As a reminder you will get monthly updates so I need valid email addresses. I will not misuse these but it is neccessary to our project. If you want you can make a new email address just for this case if you don’t want to give out ones you already have.

Any other questions please email me at

Thanks for reading this and thanks for your time.