I’m not particularly good with introductions, so I’ll keep this short…

Hello, I’m Aerin. :wave:

…That’s it.

j0 Aerin.


Hello and welcome to rpgc! :toast:

One useful tip: make sure to read the rules and look at all the different Forums before posting a topic.

Other then that…Welcome :toast:

P.s. Before you ask: Intro threads are ok here, so you’re ok. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello! Welcome to the ‘Weirdo’s Club’! Please enjoy your stay as you are driven mad by our nonsensical verbiage! Dance of welcome: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:

Hi Aerin. I like your avatar.

me too


Hello Aerin, nice to meet you. ^^

Yeah sure welcome have a good time recommend us blablabla smalltalk, anyway …WELCOME

Hi. <!–Free Post–>

Thank you for the welcome, everyone, and the comments of my avatar. :biggrin:

Ahh chocobo racing. When I first started playing FF7, the song Blue by Eifle 65 came out and it was always on when I was racing my hardcore birds. So now whenever I see FF7 chocobos I think of that song as it serenaded me throughout my racing days.

Welcome, Aerin. And thank yuo for not taking the cliche name of “Aeris”, instead choosing to take a more interesting name.

Bitch! “Hi.” is my welcome thing! Back the fuck off! >:00000000o!!1!

I always think about Gigi D’Agostino when im playing Vagrant Story O_O
fortunaly i changed my music taste.

Hey. I like your name, and your avatar.

Hello and welcome to the RPGC.

hewwo ^^