Hey! I’m new here, but i’ve been reading the forums for awhile and it looks like a pretty cool place.So i hope to get to know some of you better and hope the time i spend here will be fun!

Welcome to the forums where I will FLYANDEATYOU. And then <strike>enslave</strike>hire you to work in <strike>the mines</strike>K-Mart.

Welcome. As a Trigun whore, I loooove your screen name.

ooooh k-mart can i be a bagger???:moogle:

though i cant say im as enthusiastic about the eating me part

YES!!! Trigun is awesome im a trigun pimp

Nicholas D. Wolfwood? A man with a name like THAT’s bound to be in the same social cast as, say, ehm, myself. ahem How do you know, my good man?

Errr… There are no “bagging” positions in “K-Mart,” so to speak.

Salve! Welcome and hello!

You realize of course that K-mart is only a code name? You really want to be a bagger? Have fun…

(hmm, where’d I put my purity test results)

Edit: Here we go

Your soul is worth £115100. For your peace of mind, 2% of people have a purer soul than you.

Originally posted by demigod
(hmm, where’d I put my purity test results)

I refuse to post mine anymore. Makes me feel so impure next to all of you.

It’s also extremely intimidating, you know.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood. Excuse me while I find the many different pimp alias’ I can make from that.

Welcome to RPGC. Exits are located at the front and rear of the forum…not that it matters, since no-one ever leaves. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! MUAHAHAHAhackhackcough


Enjoy your stay.


'cept for those that <strike>are my slaves</strike>work for me.


I bet I can make your brain crash with a single hidden link.

Originally posted by Booken
I bet I can make your brain crash with a single hidden link.

Nice 404, SLAVE.

I don’t know what you are talking about.

o…k 0_o

just a quick question whats the tower of babel? i was reading some old threads and heard it was shut down so can someone fill me in? thanks

“One day, people realized that their posts in Qrrbrbirlbel weren’t funny in the least. It then dawned upon them that even if one posts in a forum designed for pointless posts, the least one can do is try to make said posts humourous or creative in some way. Alas, this was beyond them. They all died lonely deaths. None of them ever lost their virginity. The End.”

The ToB was a forum where people posted spam and it became less and less funny and original and was shut down (and the public demanded it, to boot).

It was a spam board. No longer in existance.

And BTW, for putting that quote in your sig, you have officialy made my “People who r0xx0r” list. adds Nicolas to the list

EDIT: Posted before I saw Cala’s post. You still r0xx0r.

The Tower of Babel was our Spam Forum.
No rules, raw insanity. It got too stupid and the gods burned it down.

Welcome, I have a feeling that this will come in handy. Gives Nicholas D. Wolfwood a large, rubber mallet You know, we’re not sane, so you might as well toss your sanity in the trash, so that our insantiy average can stay the same.