Hello to all of you peeps within this great RPG well!! I have come to introduce myself as Leareth45, or L for short. (Whoever gets the “L” joke first gets a virtual cookie.)

In the interest of virtual cookies, I’m going to guess Death Note.


Hey Cless, your avatar needs some gel.


Welcome, Leareth. Look around the site, post where you want, follow the rules and don’t take anything said here too seriously. Have fun.

Now, Cless gets a virtual cookie! :slight_smile: hands Cless a cookie Don’t worry about me being serious, I come from a forum where seriousness doesn’t exist.

Hello ^^

I’m also new here… even though I started four days ago… Thats still new right?

Sorry, Haha. Anyways welcome ^^

hi ppl Me is very new!~! :slight_smile:

Welcome too to Lunar Angel and Tech, then. But, umm, Lunar, don’t you think your signature image is a little bit big? It’s kinda distracting. Couldn’t you reduce it to about half size? Thank you. :slight_smile:

Welcome, leave your sanity at the door, you won’t need it!

Haha, Oops… Sorry about that.

they do travel in packs.

welcome. :o

Welcome to the Barbecue! :mwahaha:

Avast ye, scalawags! ARR! :toast:

Welcome to the RPGClassics agora! Have fun, post, and stay clear of the nutcases. Unless, of course, that case happens to be full of pistachios.

Well, I think I should GO to the nutcases to prove I top them all! :slight_smile: Personally, I never had my sanity (thanks to certain people in my life) and I find sanity overrated and constricting. LIKE SHOES!!!

Welcome all you new people. L, have you ever seen a man say goodbye to a shoe?

Greetings. I disappeared from the forums for a long while. But now I have a net connection, again, and I’m working full time in a factory. Enjoy yourself here.

Well, I am happy for all the peeps replying to this thread. And to answer your question, Lex, yes, yes I have. (I saw me say goodbye to my shoes just yesterday.)