I’ll go ahead and make the assumption that introductions go here. Feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken.

Well, I’m Arianne, as you can obviously tell. I’m eighteen, Australian, and presently wish I’d gotten a lot more sleep last night…


Yes, yes, I’m bad at introductions. Thanks for your time anyway!

Hey! welcome, enjoy your stay!! :slight_smile:

Seems like a bunch of new faces are popping up lately.

We can always use new, less cynical people. :slight_smile:

Welcome, Arianne, may you enjoy the place. :cool:

Yes, welcome…and…yeah, welcome.

‘Welcome to the Jungle!’:booster:

Arianne is a weird name for a boy, but there are no girls on the internet. I don’t know just what to think.
Welcome, anyway.


Why do newcomers always seeem so happy? :slight_smile:

Welcome Arianne. I like your avatar. :slight_smile:

They tend to come in groups, these introduction threads. Bandwagons are always fun, no?

Hey now, being cynic is a way of life.

Either way, welcome.

Your introduction is almost normal. I’m moved.


Welcome. Someone is making profit from smuggling newbies here.

They always come in waves.

Well, welcome, Arianne. You seem to be more intelligant than the usualy sort kicked up by the internets. So make your stay a meaningful one! :smiley:

One post and they disappear.

S’ a shame. Some of them seem cool.

'allo guhv’na

I’m not the usual welcoming wagon here, but in any case, ah…welcome!