Hello there!

Hi I just jioned and just wanted to say hi. I hope to have a wonderful experiance with this board since I love Final Fantasy.

steals bm32’s shoes

Hi I am new too

now that I’m here I’ll stay foreverrrrr…mwahaha er:fungah:

Salve! Welcome and hello!

I wonder what’s with the influx of introduction threads on this board, as opposed to the main one.

Doesn’t matter to me. steals FATE’s shoes

Welcome Blackmage. Have fun!

I’m kinda’ new… heehee… well, hello everyone. and you can’t steal my shoes, 'cause i’ve got slippers, not shoes :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey you two new guys, welcome to FFC.

I like introductory threeads here. Since i dont go to the main forum, it’s nice to be able to welcome the fresh meat. I mean, new guys. cough cough I need a glass of water…

Did anyone els enjoy the Yuna - Leblanc back massage in FF2 ? w00t.

I mean FFx-2… not FF2, since Yuna wasnt in that…

I didn’t.