Hello there...

Hi newbie here. Just wondering if anyone knew or had an idea when the European release date for FFXI is? Thanks.

It’s still unknown, sorry. 8(

Ok thanks. I want to get the PC Version but not sure if its out before the PS2 Version.

It will be, at least that is how it was done in the USA.

It’s not even certain that they will release it here, but if they do it will most likely be during the spring. SquareEnix likes to torture Europeans with uncertainty and long waiting times. The bastards.

True, and they torture me with a lack of fan support, lack of Nobou Uematsu, and the presence of Kingdom Hearts. 8P

If it’s PC, shouldn’t you be able to find it for free on Kazaa? I mean, if Square-Enix doesn’t want to release it over there…

You would need a code to play it, much like on BNet.

I remember reading somewhere that it will be released either 1st or 2nd quarter 2004. But I can’t verify that.

It is expected that they will release the pc version in Europe, just about the time they release the PS2 version in the USA.

But we are talking about SquareEnix Europe here. They don’t update the webpage more than once every half an age.