Hello Kitty...tooth?

What the fwarg?

Plz tell me that’s photoshop

I’m hoping it is, but I have no clue…I mean, some japanese fans ARE crazy enough to do this shit.

I want one

I cant help but think its a photoshop. The big giveaway is different lighting/coloring, IMO.

That man must hate his teeth.

Jesus. That guy has fucking terrible teeth.

Well looks convincing, but then again I don’t have a good understanding or working knowledge of photoshop. If it is real though, what point does it serve? I give up trying to figure people out.

Could a person actually chew with that tooth? Never, never will I ever do any such thing to my teeth.

Would dentists even be allowed to use those if they were real?

God, what deranged mind came up with something like that.

I’ve been thinking about it and its probably not real not because dentists wouldn’t be able to sculpt it (they take classes on teeth sculpting) but because the patient would be unable to properly close his mouth since the teeth wouldn’t fit right. If you’ve ever had a filling done that wasn’t the correct shape, you’d know what I mean by it doesn’t feel right. Remember when the dentist puts a little funny paper and has you bite on it to check a filling?

That HAS to be PhotoShopped! If that was real, then it’d be in a book.