Hello from Iraq

Well, I’m finally in Iraq. I’m in Kirkuk which is in the north. It isn’t too bad up here so far. It is a little chilly, but nothing too bad. The plane ride was interesting since it was on a C-17. It is hard to know what I can say and what I can’t. Ah well, I’ll talk with you guys later.

Isn’t the C-17 the massive cargo plane? How was that? Can you tell us what your function is in a city like Kirkuk? I thought you were an artillery support person? How big is the town anyway? What’s the place like? Can you post pictures?

The problem is he probably can’t give any info that might be considered of tactical nature.

In any case the important thing is that he’s OK so far… may you stay that way, Info!

Great to hear you made it there in one piece, now make you come back the way you came! Good luck! Keep us posted whenever you can.

Good luck, man. You’re an American hero.

I wonder how diverse the population of Kirkuk is and what’s the % of the Kurds there.

Good luck, man.

It was an interesting flight. It was very loud and dark. I’ve got a video what the trip was like, but I can’t upload it (the internet situation out here is better in some respects and worse in others. I am an artillerlyman, and I have 2 guns out here (I’ve yet to see them), but I’m primarily doing infantry stuff now. I actually won’t be working in Kirkuk, I’ll be working in another nearby area, but Kirkuk is literally on the other side of the wall from my barracks. It is hard to tell from the map, but it looks to be a pretty good size town. It is definitely one of the bigger ones in Iraq. So far it isn’t too bad, it was real cold this morning. I haven’t got too may briefs on the situation yet and a lot of what I do know I can’t tell you.

I haven’t gone out side the wire yet and I don’t have a way of uploading pictures yet. So my only available pictures are the ones from Kuwait. I’m still working on uploading more.

I’m not sure of the exact percentage, but I’ve got an idea of the make-up. It is an interesting area.


Can you show me on Google Maps where all your bases are located?

fucking hilarious.

dude, just don’t get yourself in trouble giving details. happens all the time.

Something not of the tactical nature: When you get a chance to leave the base do you plan on trying any of the local cuisine? Did you try any of the local food in Kuwait? If so, was it good?

I hear dogmeat is tough and in some parts stringy.

Sorry, not on Google maps.

Try Google Earth…it is truly sad.

Tell us if you find any WMDs.