Hello All

Hello. I stumbled upon this roleplaying forum via google and noticed that you only have quite a few active people on it. I co-own another roleplaying forum that also that is set in a unique a medieval world. I wanted all of you (staff here included) to check it out. It’ll be a lot of fun. Check out this link:


(EDIT: Sorry, but we consider it spam when newcomers advertise their websites with their first posts. -SK)

(Damn you, SK! You have won this battle, but you have not won the war! -TD)

(You guys are stealing my job! I’m supposed to be the mean one indiscriminately closing threads! -Sin)

(Cheese ROCKS! -CH)

(As a new, hip, fresh idea, I say we hold a ‘locked thread’ mods conversation entirely by editing this one post. -SG.)

(I’m game. - 984)

(Decorating my apartment is a bitch, shit is too expensive; as a sidenote, we might need to sticky this, it appears editing won’t keep it on the front page for long -Sin)

(Lol, my dad’s girlfriend decorated the whole fucking house a day after she moved in. It’s funny too; nothing is quite as unmanly as walking up the staircase, and to your left is a trail of butterflies. That shit cracks me up :stuck_out_tongue: My dad was all “Oh, it’s just a lady’s touch” “I think she’s given you a lady’s touch, dad.” Rock on. - SG)

(Jesus Christ my new apartment is annoying. I was thinking the first night I stayed here that the people who had designed it must have been idiots. Things like the desks being too narrow to hold computer monitors + a keyboard, the kitchen having enough room for each resident to hold all their pots/pans/silverware/glasses/etc. plus all their food in one small cupboard. Each room has a cable box but no place to put a TV, and the bigass living room has no cable box and is basically a massive waste of space.

Then I read the school paper this morning and it was talking about the awesome new apartments and how the students designed the rooms and everything clicked into place. -CH)

(My room is still partially a moving mess, since I unpacked my necessities but most of my shit is still packed. I lived for too many months at my dad in a halfpacked state to actually bring myself to fully unpack even in my own pad. On the bright side, I don’t risk sudden eviction for a lame reason now. Also, my cooking apparently is too cheese-oriented, I need more meat, anyone has a good recipe to share that’s cost-efficient? -Zero)

(My room is a mess of electronics, I have consoles and DVD players and SHIT laying around everywhere. I really need to get a cabinet for this stuff. -TD)

(I’m moving in like a week, so I’m not gonna talk about my room until I get to the University of Toronto. Hopefully I’ll get one of those, you know, non-claustrophobic, single rooms instead of the 6ft x 6ft 2-person rooms. And yeah, those are very close to, if not exactly, the dimensions of the room. -Cless)

(Ouch, that sucks, Cless. Sounds like my room last year- a room that was intended for one person being used as a double. At least my apartment this year actually gives me space. -Kag)

(Zero, why not try those frozen chicken patties? That shit’s the BOMB, man! Just fuckin’, start warming up a pan, cook the chicken patties in the microwave - I generally cook three for three minutes - and then afterwards, just spray the pan with Pam Spray (Olive Oil) and throw those sumbitches on there. Flip em occasionally, and bam. Chicken burgers. Yeeaaaaaah!

And Cless, all dorms are like that. :stuck_out_tongue: Even my brother’s single is small as shit, and doubles are a little spacier, but never much better. -SG)

(Kag, our room was like 16x16 freshman year. Then last year, my room was about 12x12 (not to mention the whole no roomie thing). So, I dunno what you’re talking about. Myers was small for two people, yeah, but they were still the biggest rooms on campus. Maybe you and Brit Chris didn’t arrange it well enough?

(Anyway, my house room is nice. It’s about 14x14, private bath, and stuff. And once again, for decoration, I have the Grandfather clock and the cuckoo clock. - 984)

(Dorms fucking suck, its a fact of life. Anyone that live in one for 4 years is a masochist of untold complexity. On my end, my apartment rocks. I wanted to add some chinese or japanese scrolls here and there, some paintains, some kanji, but damn. I must find alternatives. I’ve got stuff to decorate, but I’m a perfectionist and I wanna tweak things around. What program are you going to be in Klez? I can tell you how to make Shepherd’s Pie, Zero. My mom’s recipe is very tasty. Its a mix of creamed corn and hamburger meat cooked together and topped with mashed potatoes. Goes well with ketchup and according to other people, beats and sweet onions. -Sin)

(Zero, if you’re hard up for cash and you want something that’s easy to cook, then just get a container of ground turkey and throw it on the frying pan with a bit of butter. Add some salt and seasoning, chop it up into little pieces, and there you go, a couple of dinners’ worth of meat for about three bucks. -SK)

(I’m partial to fried bologne myself; one stack can last at least 2 meals, 3 for me - Sin).

(We arranged it alright- our beds were lofted to allow more space. I had a futon under mine, and Brit Chris had the TV and everything under his. Our room freshmen year WAS nice though, but I’m almost positive mine last year was under 12x12. Where are you guys living this time around anyhow?

Another cheap meal idea is some Thai-style pork stir fry. Just get some breakfast porkchops, cut them up really thin, and stir fry them together with a bunch of vegetables and cook up some egg noodles. Use peanut sauce in the stir fry. It’s really pretty cheap, and it’s amazingly delicious. -Kag)

(I’m out over in The Woodlands. I’m living with little Mike. Remember him? The guy whose room I helped move into the study Freshmen year? But I’m pretty sure they were 12x12. No smaller than 10x10. Definitely not Brumby size.

And yeah. I make something sorta like what Kag suggested. I used Ramen, which I hate by itself. Then, depending if it’s chicken, pork, or beef flavor, I get that kind of meat to cook in a wok. I add veggies if I feel like it. Then I can fry the noodles some in the wok too. - 984)

(Ahh, ok. Yeah, I remember little Mike. It was absolutely beautiful when his room was moved into the study. I think ours was 10x10, but yeah, it definitely wasn’t anything like Brumby. I’m living with Jason over in ECV- it’s really nice, plus the bus stop being about 10 feet away from the building makes it really convenient. -Kag)

(Now, I know Jason has probably said some stuff concerning Corey, but from what I heard (and smelled) he wasn’t exactly the cleanest of people. Is that a problem at all? - 984)

(Jason’s actually pretty neat. Corey was the smelly and really messy one- he’s the reason why Jason’s room last year smelled of terribly dirty, sweaty clothes, mainly because there were like 4-5 piles of 3 week old dirty laundry here and there. Our apartment’s really neat, hell, I don’t even have my usual mess of papers here and there. -Kag)

(I have a really big room out here in Davis, CA. I have a decently-sized of floorspace that I have NO idea what to do with. Tips? Right now it’s just sort of half-covered with unused plastic bags. -Merl)

(You’re in Davis? Damn, man, we’re so hanging out this year. -SK)

(It is unfortunate we couldn’t coordinate our moves. I’m not entirely sure what’s wrong with your floorspace for the simple reason I can’t visualize how your place is set up. Care to elaborate? - Sin)

(Shit SK, Merlin y’all fools in NoCal now, or what? I go to NoCal regularly, and I’ll be living in San Jose by January. We oughtsta chill! -SG)

(Shit son all us bitches be chillin’ on the ho-zo this point! -Merl)

(Well Sinistral, I have everything aligned around the walls and stuff in a pretty good fashion, but in the corner that leads to the closet there’s a decent square of carpet I haven’t shoved any appliances over. So it just looks sorta lonely [hahaha I can even double post in an edited thread!]. -Merl)

(That really is a problem for you, Merl. Especially those Staff threads in which you get like 4 posts in a row, and all of them 3 pages long. - 984)

(yeah if it was actually in the rule book you’d be all “harhaw u r teh b4nz0rZZZ1!” and I’d be all “nah shit homieeee” and then we’d have tea and crumpets. -Merl)

(Would Pierson be serving them? - 984)

(Dude, I’ll be in Palo Alto in three weeks. Shit, bitch, we’s a posse. -SK)

(Pshhhh straight up, you know it! Damn, that’ll be cool. Two haughty intellectuals and a wigger. We’re gonna be fuckin’ tight, watch… :stuck_out_tongue: -SG)

(SK’s not a wigger! And you’re hardly an intellectual! >:O - 984)

(I meant Merlin was the wigger. You should now be inspired to go make a sprite of him with a dark plaid button-up shirt, baggy jeans, a sideways cap, and some bling. -SG)

(Not to mention lighting up a blunt, fo’shizzle my nizzle, and all that. -Cless)

(what’s a wigger? Is that the caterpiller guy in Super Mario World? If so I take DEEP umbrage at that comment… -Merl)

(oh wait I remember hearing that word now… <i>when I was in middle school!!!</i> -Merl)

(SG missed the first day of first grade and never caught up - Sin)

(The mudwrestling thing was the best idea ever - Sin)

(Tuh! Find me a funnier word to descibe a person ridden with colloquial ‘gangster’ verbalisms. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, yes mudwreslting idea was pretty hot. Especially since the hot chick index ratio in my classes is like a combined 3% +/- 2%. What a depressing semester this is gonna be. :stuck_out_tongue: I gotta find some bitches to holla at quick. -SG)

(Here you go, SG. Merizzle in the hizzouze. - 984)


(Word. -SG)

(We need to get 984 a girl - Sin)

I was born to brew up storms 'n stir up shit
Kick up dust, cuss til I slur up spit
Grew up too quick, won’t through too much, through too much shit
Corrupt and I’m pour it on like syrup, bitch
Thick in grits, sick and twisted Mr. Buttersworth
Dre tole me to milk this shit for what it’s worth
Till the cow just tilts and tips 'n stumbles to earth
And if I fumble the verse, keep going
First take, I make mistakes, just keep it
No punches, pull no punches, that’s weak shit
Fake shit if I ever take shit, I eat shit
Wasn’t for him? I wouldn’t be shit</small>

(That only took like 5 minutes, Sin. Although, I guess the fact that it actually took 5 minutes is still proof enough of needing a girl. - 984)

(Man SG, I’m surprised you’d even be taking classes with ratios like that. -Kag)

(Something good about McGill: its like 70% female, all the guys cheered when they announced the statistic, it was hilarious. And Merl, you are so white. -Sin)

(Well damn, fool…I thought hot chicks liked Health, Political Science, and Debating. I guess I fucked up, huh? :stuck_out_tongue: -SG)

(Yeah. You did. You should’ve taken Pillow Fighting, Lingerie Modelling, and Racquetball. - 984)

(Why Racquetball? UCDavis is 60% femmes whoooo. -Merl)

(2 female students in my ENTIRE college. I don’t think that’s even 1%. Go Comp Sci. -TD)

(Sausage fest!!! -Sin)

(…so what do you guys think of the New Orleans hurricane, and the subsequent bungled relief efforts? -Merl)

(It sucks. -TD)

(I stopped paying attention when I heard they estimated 1000 dead. Too much for me. :confused: -SG)

(I’ve lived through a few bad hurricanes, and Georgia was never flooded like New Orleans. But, I didn’t pay too much attention. It hit right when classes started, so I’ve been more focused on that. Then, once UGA football started kicking in, I honestly started wondering what would happen with LSU’s and Tulane’s programs. Then, there’s an open room in the house I’m living in, and we might let one of the victims (like a Tulane student or something) live here. - 984)

(y’all should really dig into some of this stuff, it’s crazy what’s going on. I assembled a host of media and news links for some friends and family, maybe I’ll make a thread encapsulating all of them here sometime. -Merl)

(That’d be great. I missed most of the coverage given here, and I really didn’t quite get how bad it was until a day or two ago. -TD)

(I’m interested to hear what you’ve found Merlin. My take on it is that the Feds dropped the ball. They could’ve had teams in place ready to go as soon as the hurricane’s worst part was over so people could start being evacuated and rescued. The looting was going to be an obvious problem. I think a lot of people were disapointed because they were expecting a movie like ending where they would rescued and taken into the care of well organized troops and such and none of it ever happened, they were just left there. Everything I hear was done was as a reaction to what was happening; the only preparation I heard of was the “get the hell outta Dodge” warning before Katarina hit. Looking at how things are, can you imagine in Katarina had hit it as a Class 5 , full on (which btw it didn’t). My big question is: what’s New Orleans going to be like in a few months, who’ll come back, what’s the economy going to be like? The majority of it is just destroyed. I just wonder what’ll happen to these people, hundreds of thousands have to essentially rebuild their lives. -Sin)

(half the population of the flood victims didn’t have insurance to cover this, the insurers will probably themselves go bankrupt, while everyone who could get out was told to get out something like 25-33% of the city’s population don’t own a car and a similar % live below the poverty line. It’ll be 4-6 months before anyone really returns to the city in any true form, and I’m not sure if the region will ever recover for the forseeable future, as a large portion of the population probably simply won’t come back. -Merl)

(Its what I was thinking too. I don’t think I can get my head around the magnitude of what that means though. -Sin)

(It means our drunken debauchery known as Mardi Gras will have to move to another major city with a high French population. Unfortunately, that means Montreal. :confused: - 984)

(WOOHOO!! TITS!!! -Sin)

(Dammit Sin, you’re moving to the east coast just as I’m moving to the west. I guess we’ll have to postpone our epochal meeting yet again. -SK)

(Where the hell are you going!? What happened?! - Sin)

(Happy Crab Day! -TD)

(Well I need to periodically return to the states to maintain my green card, so I’ll be back in California, like this Christmas, we can definetly discuss plans if you guys ironically don’t go back east, or if we can coordinate the trips we make - Sin)

(I suggest you two meet in some middle ground. I suggest Nebraska. - 984)

(So, anything interesting going on this 9/11? -TD)

(More political mongering to take advantage of this day :frowning: -Cless)

(do you think any regular users even read this thread anymore? -Merl)

(We’ve been slacking off lately, maybe they think we’re not writing in it anymore -Sin)

(Time to rejuvenate discussion, then. Advent Children, opinions? -TD)

(Shallow, but very pretty - Sin)

(…Aaaaand, now that you’re bringing up Advent Children, you’re alienating the entire community that has decided to wait for the holidays, including myself. Good job TD! You’re ruined christmas with just one single post edit :stuck_out_tongue: -SG)

(I’m sorry everyone. Christmas… Is cancelled. - 984)

(Stop dropping turds in the middle of the living room. - Sin)

(It’s my superpower, I can’t help it. -TD)

(Its fucking super alright. - Sin)

(It’s also powerful :open_mouth: -Cless)

(What do you think inspired TD’s “BIG POWER!!!”? - Sin)

(Eye of the Dragon. - 984)

(FOCUS -Cless)

(Fast metabolism. On the plus side, less damage from poison and radiation. On the bad side, turds in the living room. -TD)

(Nine undefeated BCS teams so far. We could end the season with five undefeateds (USC/UCLA, VaTech/FSU, UGA/Bama, Texas/Texas Tech, and Penn State). BCS has no way of handling that. Hopefully Jawja is one of the undefeateds. Discuss. - 984)

(What the hell is a BCS and what does it eat in the winter? - Sin)

(BCS is a really shitty way to try and pick a mythical national champion in NCAA Div 1A Football. It’s sorta better than the old system, but it still sucks. - 984)

(What the hell is it with all the people that are into professional sports around RPGC anyway? I thought you people were supposed to be jock hating nerds! I hate professional sports myself because of the cheap commercialism it represents and how much bullshit it is that these meatheads get paid for doing essentially nothing constructive for society; I mean christ, why do people even associate a sense of identity to a given sports team if the team is from a given town that instead of support, they charge millions upon millions of dollars to force them to buy new stadiums to enhance the size of their steroid shrunk penises? - Sin)

(The BCS deals with college football. - 984)

(Same bullshit, different application, doesn’t change the reality of what people do, how people act and the drive behind it all - Sin)

(The EVOLUTIONARY drive lolololol science talk lolol -Cless)


(I do think it’s weird how some people get so worked up into in a “WE won” attitude when they didn’t do anything. However, I’ll admit that going to an intense college football game is some of the most fun I’ve ever had. It’s just a great way to eat up an entire Saturday. Even days when we had a 5:30 PM kick off, we were out hanging out and talking about the teams, game, etc at like 8 AM. Then we watched other games until well after midnight. I mean, it’s hard to explain. It’s just a fun atmosphere to get caught up in. And when your team is in the mythical national title race and requires other teams to lose to get up there, that just adds to the atmosphere. - 984)

(Oh shits, I forgot we had this thing. Stop talking about physical activities and lets talk about how much the DS is going to rock. -TD)

(The DS DOES rock…it could use more games, but that’ll come eventually. Best thing ever: Rechargable batteries. Fuckin’ damn, it’s like the hybrid car of handheld systems; you just plug that shit into the adaptor when you go to sleep and it’s ready to go in the morning. Frickin’ AWESOME. Other than Lunar: Dragon Song being really bad - though admittedly, I made my expectations very high - I’m very satisfied with my purchase. -SG)

(You realize the SP already had the battery thing, right? I just got my DS last Saturday, only the EU didn’t have any good releases yet besides Advance Wars and Dawn of Sorrows, neither of which I’m terribly interested in, so I just went with Polarium and Superstar Saga. All the good releases are set for late November, but it’s really shaping up to be so damn awesome. -TD)

(You are shameful, TD. Dawn of Sorrow is the closest damn thing to SOTN Handheld, it even has fucking Alucard back to beat the unliving shit out of everything and their mothers. The 2nd Gamemode is Castlevania 3 style where you get Julius Belmont, badass whipper extraordinaire, Yoko Belnades, Blonde Witch of AOE gg qq noobyfying of enemies and elemental weakness sploitzing, and you got Alucard, which I call ‘Walking I WIN button’. And there’s Mario Kart DS soonish, which shall be played wireless at the office at lunch for months. -Zero)

(I’m just not that big on Castlevania, and I never did finish SoTN… finished AoS, though. -TD)

(Oh shit you people started posting again! I’m not high on the DS. I don’t have time to play it and no one to play it with if I did. Its not worth the investment for me. - Sin)

(The nice thing about DS, though, is that it “feels” like Nintendo, what with the Pictochat and innovation and backwards compatability with GBA games and everything. Wireless is pretty nice too. -Cless)

(hey why is Sinistral dressed like an Ayy-rab now? -Merl)

(I felt inspired by all the fundamentalist talk (not really) - Sin)

(Holy shit this is still up? I forgot all about this thing. Does anyone know how I can go about getting an internship for my Criminal Justice degree? Everyone I’ve talked to just says look at the postings in the dept. bulletin board, but it’s just a bunch of names and phone numbers with no other information. -CH)

(Quick everyone, don’t reply to his question for another week so he forgets again -TD)

(Wow that’s even less useful than undergraduate research posting, which I guess could be sort of equivalent at that level. I’d look on the internet, see what I can find there or ask how I could find a former student or a student who did an internship and ask him how he did it. At worse, just ring up numbers without giving your name and explain your situation “Hi, I’m looking for an internship and I was told to look on this bulletin board and you were listed there, can you help me or do you know or know of someone who can? Thanks” - Sin)

(Sin’s idea is probably best. Those postings are probably from people who are used to hiring Criminal Justice interns -Merl)

(On a separate note, real arabs are amazed at how arabic I look with my hat. Its funny as hell. Although I probably should wear it in the states. -Sin)

(RIP Eddie. You lied, cheated, and stole your way into our hearts. Viva la raza. - 984)

(Does anyone know what the hell Zep is on? If I research it and patent it, I can produce it and die rich, fat and surrounded by dozens of attractive young girls - Sin)

(he’s suffering from a severe lactate deficiency. -Merl)

(Sig test! -CH)

(Merl just reminded me how much I’ve been longing to lactate myself. -Sin )

(Just find a lactating girl, it’s the next best thing. -SK)

(I like the fact that SK is the most educated and also the most horny member of our community -Merl)

(What’s the most important thing in life? Being free of obligations! Otherwise, you lose the ability to gamble… -SK)

(If you’re completely free of obligations, is it really gambling? -CH)

(It’s not gambling if you’re good. - 984)

(Or if you’re dead -Cless)

(Like this thread - Sin)

(Dude, that rhymed. -SK)

(He’s a poet and he didn’t even realize it. - 984)

(So, everybody got their tree up yet? -TD)

(I was at uni when my family put the decorations up and didn’t have to help. Flawless victory. -Pier)

(I put up my Festivus Pole. - 984)

(whoo holidaaaaaYYYYssss -Merl)

(That’s hot 984 -CH)

(I’ll pole your festival. By which I mean I’ll hit you with a brick. -Pier)

(More like happy new years :pikapikapikapika: -Cless)

(alright that’s it! no more pikapikapikapika!!! -Merl)

(dark - 984)

(hey are you guys going to get any of the next generation consoles? I really want to see the Revolution in action sometime. -Merl)

(I’m grabbing the rev at launch, and the PS3 a year in or so. Since I trust the first generation of sony hardware about as far as I can throw it, and since I’m a nerd I can’t throw for shit. I don’t really have an interest in the 360, but might grab an xbox on the cheap once the price plummets some more. -TD)

(hey SK, how long are you working in NoCal? We should try to link up in Sacramento if we can before the opportunity is lost forevvvveeeerrrrr -Merl)

(Until mid-June. Sadly, I do not have my car here, so my ability to go to Sacramento is somewhat limited. How about you? -SK)

(well I could bus or train it or something. Perhaps we could meet somewhere in the middle of Davis and Palo Alto? Maybe triangulate with SG or someone -Merl)

(Well, SG lives farther from either of us than we do from each other, so if anything that would be more difficult. I don’t know, what do you think? -SK)

(You should meet halfway between you two, namely Athens, Georgia. - 984)

(More like Georgia the country lolz -Cless)

(stfu u nub azn >:( - 984)

(no u -Cless)

(stop ur cussin - Power Stroke Diesel)

(power stroke diesel more like 984 >:( -Cless)

(The CIS National Champion Cless Alveins, The pikapikapikapika Warriors, Curling - Power Stroke Diesel)

(So today I rode my bike around, and something got stuck in the wheel so it stalled, and then my entire bike flew up and hit me right in the balls. That sucked. -TD)

(Good thing there wasn’t anything to hurt, eh? - 984)

(I wonder why I haven’t said anything in here yet. -VE)

(Well, my balls have DR 1/cold steel, so I lucked out there. -TD)

(Bawlz of STEEL -Cless)

(Just for the record, <a href=“http://www.warhammeronline.com”>Warhammer Online</a> looks awesome. -TD)

(Just for the record, TD SUX!!! -<strike>Merl</strike>Maquiladora)

(Did you know that the staffer Maquiladora is actually a non-Mexican owned Mexican factory along the Mexico/US border? It’s true. - 984)

(Go George Mason! - 984)

(Who’s George Mason? - Zero)

(He was this guy who refused to sign the Constitution because it didn’t contain any expressly mentioned individual rights at the time. I, however, am rooting for George Mason University, a very small mid-major school and an 11-seed that made it to the Final Four in NCAA Div-I basketball. If you had read the March Madness thread, you would’ve known that. >:E - 984)

(He was some CTU guy who had radiation poisoning and blew up in a nuclear bomb-carrying plane. P.S. tell me whar da bom izz -Pier)

(So… How’s everybody doin; now? Good? Super good? -VE)

(See, this is what happens when people talk about sports. -TD)

(Gasp a topic not related to video games >:E -Cless)

(Bow down to the, bow down to the King. - 984)

(Purge and destroy the #hamlet forums. Purge and destroy. hobbit2hobbit - 984)

(Come on guys, we need to keep this thread alive until at least it’s one-year anniversary. -TD)

(Buenas Noooooches! OH YEAH! Dig it! Livin’ la vida loca. YEAH! Livin’ la vida loca… Say everything twice! YEAH! Say everything twice… OH YEAH! does a spinning finger dance So this is RPGC… Well, Macho Libre is lookin’ for a fight! YEAH! Lookin’ for a fight… OH YEAH! does a spinning finger dance SNAP INTO IT! Let me tell you something, something, something, something… OH YEAH! does a spinning finger dance - 984)

(Less than a month until its anniversary!!! :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - 984)

(And we’d all be holding actual conversations in here if you didn’t spout your random wrestling crap! -TD)

(srsly -Cless)

(Happy birthday, thread! -TD)

(JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! I had forgotten this thread fucking existed. Wow, this thread’s been here for a fucking year. This is fucking awesome. -Sin)

(Happy birthday! And it’s still stuck, so Info can’t ignore it! - 984)

(Sometimes, I go pee. - SG)

(attn SG re peeing; shut up -Pier)

(I don’t know about you guys but I’m pretty interested in SG’s urethra. -TD)

(why are we still using parentheses? -Merlin)

(If we stop using parentheses, then the Uriels have won. - 984)

(The Wii opening line up sucks. I can feel Nintendo’s going to spread out the release of the good games I want - MP3: corruption , SSBB, Mario - because they won’t have anything else good to release over time - Sin)

(There’s actually 5 titles I’m buying at launch, 2 of which are must-haves for me (TP, Trauma Center). Honestly it’s a pretty decent launch, there’s roughly 30 titles and VC games. There’s just a lack of AAA titles beyond TP, which doesn’t really bother me. I mean, look at the 360 launch. -TD)

(TD, don’t you have like, school 'n shit ever? -Cless)

(what’s Trauma Center’s deal? I’ve heard you guys talking about this game a ton. -Merl)

(I’m a genius, I have plenty of free time even with school having started up again. Also, Trauma Center is an incredibly good DS game where you pretend to be a doctor and cut people open. -TD)

(Trauma Center is to medicine what Phoenix Wright is to law. It is utterly retarded. It is mindblowing how retarded it is. Whoever made Trauma Center FAILED biology. Both games are a lot of fun though. The DS is an awesome little machine. -Sin).

(Whatever happened to cause you to cave and get a DS anyway, Sin? Didn’t you swear off handhelds? -TD)

(I swore off handhelds? I may have I guess. Here’s what happened: to get to my laboratory, I take the subway and it takes about half an hour. Its neat because I live near the subway entrance and the lab is near the other entrance. All I need to do is sit there all that time. So I figured I’d get something to do. DS is cheap and the games are good. Very good combo. Unlike the PSP that has few good titles and a pricetag that slices wrists. - Sin)

(Nevermind that the PSP is a downright SHITTY piece of hardware. DS-4-LIFE! - SG)

(Reggie Ball is God’s gift to Georgia football. - 984)

(The thread is dying again!!! -Sin)

(Sorry, I’m too busy waggling my Wii around -TD)

(Go you Silver Britches! - 984)

(Happy New Year’s! -TD)

(Guh, I have a massive headache -Epic)

(The PSP sucks so much, I can’t wait to be working on a project that isn’t running on that pitiful excuse for a handheld. Out of 3 projects, only 1 of them was actually dare I say fun. Unfortunatly that fun is lessened by the fact I’m stuck on evening shift for a while. What’d I miss? - Zero)

(Not much. No other girls have revealed that they are guys so far. -Cless)

(Besides Cless’ mom, that is. -TD)

(Hey, guys, I decided I’m going to become a girl again. Just so you know. -VE)

(SK, I think it’s time you give VE the sex change talk you gave Hades back on the ol’ Ezboards. - 984)

(Yes, that was the following: “Hades, man, I suggest you SERIOUSLY reconsider this sexual reassignment surgery business. It ain’t worth it. First of all, they will fashion the topographical and architectural details of your new genitals out of your penis after they chop it off, so in your case there won’t be enough material for them to make a finished product. Second of all, they won’t be able to give you a real vagina. At best, you’ll have just a hole. A real vagina has the ability to stretch, thanks to a wonderful organ called the cervix. You won’t have that. You’ll just have an inflexible hole with about three inches’ depth. What’s worse, you’ll constantly have to use an instrument to dilate it so it doesn’t collapse on itself. And worse still, since they use your scrotum to make the inside walls of it, there’s always a chance that you might start growing hair on the inside of it. Long story short - you won’t be a woman, you’ll be a man who chopped off his dick and drilled a random hole in his body. Sorry to be the one to break it to you.” - SK)

(I like English Muffins. -Merl)

(Gahhhh, you guys have no idea how hard it is for me to not leak information about Guitar Hero 3. My inner nerd is in an epic battle with my will to not get fired. Fired and murdered. Also one of the songs I suggested is gonna be in the career mode, and another is gonna be a download. :victoly: - Epic)

(Hey guys





(WHAT -Cless)


(Thanks SK. Also, Pierson is fucking metaul. You can tell he’s British because of the superfluous u. - 984)

(It’s not superflu’s! The words that are missing “ou” that come 't the m’th of y’all s’thern folk is the more superflu’s act, if anything -Cless)

(It’s obvious by that line you know nothing of any of the Southern accents. - 984)

(I also like English Muffins. -SK)

(I too enjoy English Muffins on occasion, but they make me have bad taste in 2012 Olympic logos :[ -Cless)

(Christ Benoit was 4Real. :frowning: - 984)


(Fuck it! I’m going deep! - Sexy Rexy)

(This thread has not been edited for way too long. Doing my civic duty. - Zero)

(Civic duty? More like… I completely forgot where I was going with this. :expressionless: -Epic)

(Iraq. -TD)

(fyte 4 ur lief -Cless)

(So I went out drinking to celebrate Georgia’s win in the annual World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Typical stuff. Unfortunately, and stupidly, I had not eaten anything in over 24 hour (really close to maybe 28). Yeah. Work the next day was quite, QUITE miserable. Not the smartest decision I’ve ever made. Oh well. It was worth it. Ja. - 984)

(But did you get some cock or tail at this cocktail party? -Cless)

(Now you’ve gone and done it Cless! Have you any idea what the ramifications of your actions are? -Epic)

(I wasn’t at the party. I listened to it on radio. - 984)

(I’m pretty sure the only ramifications of my actions are more awesomeness. BTW I posted in the Setz thread only because it came up on the first page somehow and, not checking the post dates, I forgot about it being an old thread. Totally weird. -Cless)

(Shit, it died again. -TD)

(Old Yeller D: -Cless)

(I feel the need to import a science discussion to this thread. - Sin)

(Null hypothesis: We have not had enough of those discussions so far on this board -Cless)

(This thing has not been edited in too long. Reticulating spleens. - Zero)

(I shall henceforth be using this post to communicate with the world. - Sin)

(Well done. So, what’s new in the life of Sin, anyway? -VE)

(Aww shit, I missed the thread’s birthday. -TD)

(I’m working to get a protein I created to work. I’m tweeking the delivery method from previous experiments and demonstrated that it can act as a receptor specific chemotherapeutic drug, like Herceptin. Stay tuned for my next results , same bat time in 2 weeks. It better fucking work. -Sin)

(you know, that actually does sound kinda interesting. Makes me wish I had any ability with biology, or the hard sciences. Anything that requires observation, though, I suck at. -VE)

(By protein, Sin means sperm. By tweeking the delivery method, Sin means ejaculation. By cursing that it better work, Sin means erectile disfunction. And by receptor specific chemotherapeutic drug, Sin means, uh… Exactly what he said. - 984)

(The hardest part is not so much the ability to observe as the willingness to go into the lab at 2AM to plate your newly confluent cells -Cless)

(So, I just got back from an overnight trip to Canada, to take in some plays performed at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario. it was pretty nice. Hamlet was kind of so-so, aside form the lead role of Hamlet himself, but Cabaret was fucking awesome. Does anyone else here bother with the performing arts? -VE)

(Which city was that in? -Cless)

(Stratford. -VE)

(Well I can’t say I’ve ever even heard of that city. Probably because it doesn’t have a cool name. Like Moose Factory. Or Iqaluit. Or Medicine Hat. -Cless)

(My protein works! Woohoo! Lots of developments in the past couple weeks… Stayed tuned for my next update to find out if it works in MS AND cancer -Sin)

(Crim and Tort finals are completed. Fuck those classes. Contracts and CivPro left. So tired. - 984)

(So how did those go? -Cless)

(I wonder how many people will notice the announcement changed… - Zero)


(Vicki wants to be a mod only so that she can edit this thread. If you’re in favor, don’t post any replies to this thread. - 984)

(So, like six, seven weeks ago I said that. By no one posting any replies, I imagine y’all are in favor of modding Vicki. I’ll get Nulani right on that. - 984)

(I’m replying, but I am still in favour of your proposition.

Also all who think that 984 is a jerk don’t post any replies to this thread. -Cless)

(Keep in mind that I’m not replying TO this thread, I’m replying ON this thread. -SG)

(January 2010: Tastes like 2009, but with more sauce. -Zero)

(Hey guys. Locke said this thread is the reason why there are fewer people visiting the Agora now. What do you think? Also, mod Vicki. - 984)

(So… much… studying… Also, don’t mod Vicki any more. -984)