Helllll YEAH!

I was playing Ghost Reacon: Island Thunder and I kept seeing the opening and the title screen and I saw what looked like Marines in our new digital cammies. Ubi Soft did an excellent job on capturting or new uniform, it looks just like them. It is really cool to start seeing them in media and it really shows off our new Marine look. It’s cool as hell to see them in game.

Yeah, I love it when games like that are actually realistic and the company actually did their research.

Well, it’s good they’re finally getting army uniforms right, Info.

(:stuck_out_tongue: Sorry, had to do it. :P)

gets the popcorn and sits back to watch Info explode

It is always annoying when games based on real life, have inaccurate details, like wrong uniform colours.

Some developers do their research, but most don’t seem to bother, and that is what can annoy the fans.

Beautiful, 984:P

And Info, that’s pretty fucking sweet man:)

Few things I like more in a game than scrupulous realism.

Jolly, now if they only could get the chess boards right in movies too.