Saw this on sunday. Fugging loved it. Plan on checking out the comics.

Anyone else seen this yet? If not, do so ASAP. If so…what’d ya think?

My brother Paul saw it. He didn’t like it. I don’t plan to.

In thought it was amazing!
Kroenen (The Nazi Ninja guy) was awesome.

^ That’s Kroenen ^

yeah, he was like nazi voldo. fucking awsome! He really glorifies being a nazi ninja cyborg thats over a hundred years old.

Is this a movie or TV show?

Game<!-- It’s really a movie–>

I still wonder what button I hit.

Edit- Your not as confused as I am about this.

I have no idea what I just posted.

Edit-Ok I wonder what button I hit by mistake. But Thanks Steve it’s a movie got it. :hahaha;

it’s fun, nothing life-changing but fun and worth a matinee trip.

Seeing it this weekend. It looks great.

I’ve heard it’s good. I’ll probably see it (amongst other movies) alone on Monday, when I finally turn 17 and can spit the movie ratings in the face.

If it’s rated r, I’m gonna have to wait a bit before I can see it. I want to see it though, the previews looked pretty cool.

It’s PG-13

Oh really? That sucks. I can still spit on it though.

You can spit if you see The Punisher. That;s R.

It looks like a good movie, I plan on seeing it with some freinds soon.

Yeah I was thinking of seeing this movie. Seeing as how there’s a nazi ninja in it, I kind of have to now.

I saw it, and it took the third place spot of the best comic book movies in my opinion…the first two are Batman (of course) and X-2: X-Men United.

Let’s hope the Punisher isn’t as bad as the Dolph Lundgren version.

And Nazi + Ninja + Cyborg + Voldo + Zombie = AWESOME!

I saw the movie last night, it was fucking awesome. I would definately recommend seeing it. Kroenen was so cool, first time I’ve ever seen a clockwork nazi assassin in a movie.
*edit: and yeah I think I’m gonna read the comics, Hellboy is so cool.