Heavenly Sword

Anyone? Picked it up earlier tonight and am very impressed.

I don’t have HS yet. From a few cutscenes that I’ve glimpsed, the game looks absolutely gorgeous.

The reviews so far are average, so I’m not looking into it. Plus there are a bunch of other games I’d rather get at the time. It looks like a God of War and Devil May Cry type of game which is cool, but I’m afraid it won’t execute it quite as well.

I rented it and if you own a PS3 you might as well rent it. It’s akin to Shadow of the Colossus in that it’s very short but the experience in that length of time is quite refined. When I say short, I mean really short; I don’t know how long it took me to beat it but I’d beating it in under twelve hours would not be difficult if you only moderatly grasp the combo system.

It accomplishes more than simply being “God of War. With Chicks.” but it lacks some of the variety of Kratos’s ventures. There’s no doubt that the game is simply, utterly gorgeous, the voice acting is outstanding (although, the music seemed to overpower what the characters were saying sometimes, maybe it’s just me) and the story uses it’s media res narrative in a particulary dramatic fashion.

I wouldn’t spend 60 bucks on such a short adventure, but it’s a great game.