Heart in my hand

that’s how I was yesterday, watching Portugal vs. England. Damm, that tie was too much, and then in the last minutes, they started getting really agressive to see who would score the “sudden death” goal… Andeven in the penalties things would still be tense, but Portugal made it in the end! 6-5! Take that! Whoohoo!

On a side note, Xachariah, Manus and me are having some red wine tonight to celebrate.

My mother went crazy watching that game. On top of that, she seems to like the two countries. Me, I just found it weird to see someone of her age jumping and shouting in front of the TV. :ulty:

I blame the penalty spot. Did you see that thing? :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet Beckham wanted to die after that. We’d have won, if only… :\

My parents can be real maniacs about this particular sport, but I don’t really care about it.

Why do people care so much? Does this mean England is eliminated cause there still seem to be flags up.

No idea. However, where I’m from, people only remember the country’s flag when things like this happen. I swear, there’s a flag infestation going on around here. ::dekar!::

I don’t know where you’re from, but it’s the same here. People hang flags out of their windows, and drunks shout “ENGLAND!” really loud at night when it’s past 2AM and you’re trying to sleep. Yes, thanks, we know what the country is called, now let’s get some sleep.

Yes, England is out. Portugal moves onto a semifinal to play Sweden or Holland.

Around here we have fans shouting and jumping like rabid monkeys whenever someone scores.

Well, now they’re eliminated, people will finally shut up. So I can resume my regular insomnia, as opposed to this football insomnia.

I hate to ask a stupid question, but this is the World Cup right?

Nope. European Championship 2004. it’s similar to the World Cup except that only European countries can participate.

Another question;

Baseball! Why do they call it the ‘World Series’ when no other country plays?

Because we’re egotistical and improper little whores who believe we are truly a great nation and thus every nation should be like us, so we’ll go on a world rampage to achieve those ends, so we’re just preparing for when the entire world is like America and then it will be like the world is playing, so it’s all preparation.

Actually, it’s probably because the MLB is the premiere league for baseball in the world. Sure, Japan has a league, but eh. Since baseball’s not as popular worldwide, the premiere league sort of gets the right to call its championship the World Series. Then, there’s a Canadian team or two in the MLB, and a good number of the players are from Cuba and whatnot. So, I guess that’s sorta why.

I’m getting this ASAP. Probobly the cube version for me.

The match last night really knackered me out, and I was only watching it :-/ you could say that Portugal deserved to win because they played better, but England also deserved to win because they scored more goals than Portugal. :-p foul on the goalkeeper my arse, Terry didn’t even know the keeper was there. And you too can express your dissatisfaction in the refereeing by emailing referee@ursmeier.ch :-p Also doesn’t help taking pennos out of a sand dune

Good to see France go out, though. The Dutch are now the biggest team left in the competition, for Christ’s sake. Personally, I’m now backing the Czechs all the way. :slight_smile:

Also, the world series is called the world series because every country takes part in it. Every country that gives the tiniest part of a shit about baseball, that is. :-p

I was rooting for England, but Terry did interfere with the goalie enough to merit the foul. It was called because of general interference on the Portugeuse player (who happened to be the goalie), not because of a physical foul or anything. I initially thought it was an offside call for some reason, but then seeing the replay clarified it.