Have you ever tried google cache?

I tried entering a page I had found in a google search and the thing required a username and a pass. I had neither so I hit back. But then out of that kind of curiosity that goes “what happens if I push this button”, I clicked on “cached”. Google loaded the page from its cache into my computer.

Now I don’t know if this is old news or not, nor if this is a feat. I’m sure it doesn’t work on every site, though.

Am I the only one that didn’t have a clue what you were saying and were talking about porn sites?

Sin: Nope.

Uh Google’s cached option has been around for a pretty long time. Only really good for looking at text documents.

It basically just saves what the site looked like when it was last seen by google.

Online archive is a bit better though

I’m not surprised somebody would come up with porn related ideas. No, I was going into a blog. The blogger set it so that her blog’s main page would be free for all but the archives and some other parts of her site needed a pass, which she would send by email to anyone who wished so. There was some info I wanted in one of her archives, which google ponited out. But I’m not into giving my emails to anyone I don’t know. So that’s why I went for the cache thing.

I use it all the time, because google cache adds coloured background to the search text result and I’m too lazy to search for that result without that coloured background to help me find it right away.

That made no sense did it?

No, you’re saying that you would rather scroll though big long text for color text then push ctrl+F.

Heh, I do that all the time, too.
Plus, it has the nice bonus that the text you search is really on that page. Sometimes the page has been redone and the text is not around anymore but google’s spiders haven’t realized this yet.

sometimes the entire page isn’t around anymore… great a few months ago when one of my favourite forums went dead suddenly, a few pages were cached so I was able to relive (some of) the moments all over again… :slight_smile:

also good as it highlights the search criteria so you don’t have to scan the entire page for it :wink:

DID YOU KNOW: google has well over 12 000 RPGC pages in it’s cache? :wink: