Have You ever lost your favorite RPG game?

My FF VIII game, twice. First one my sister scratched up, second she lent it out to a friend and she never got it back. To this day she claims she ‘forgets’ to ask about it.

I’m also looking to sell a copy of that…>_>

I’ve had about five copies of FFVII since I first bought it on release.

Why, that game is awesome. I’m sure Omega would agree.

FF9 Messes up esaly when scratached. Some Battle enviroments won’t load properly. I was stuck in Gulug Mountain because The Boss battle won’t load.

I had to buy another to replace it.

Big Nutter
Penance, Unless you’re Joseph Blanchette, (aka Legendary Frog) creator of several FF Flash Videos. I will accuse you of stealing someelse work.

while it isnt an RPG, i did lose my NES Kirby game. Classic ::doh::

Pretty much my entire N64 and GB library got stolen.

That sucks.

I lost my first copy of Final Fantasy Tactics once… So I bought 3 copies, all of which are in different locations in my house that I’ve made note of.

I will never be without my Tactics.

I lost a few games for N64, most worth mentioning is Super Smash Bros. God I rocked at that game. Becides that, I don’t let games leave my house unless they’re under my strict supervision, or in the hands of one of the few of my closest friends.

Shit, I still have all my NES and Genesis games for christsakes.

The only game I ever lost was Super Columns for the Game Gear.

Oh, and I KNOW I owned a Super Gameboy for my SNES, but I don’t know what the hell happened to it.