Have You ever lost your favorite RPG game?

At the time imean

I mean lost as in cant find it

I have, it was 'Paper mario" my favorite when I was 7

Kingdom Hearts, and FFX-2…still haven’t found em, but they’ve only been lost for a little while.

Since my parents refused to buy games EVER, I had to rent Chrono Trigger nonstop to play it.

I was saddened when they lost their snes section.

It wasn’t an RPG, but my Sonic 3 copy was a childhood treasure for me.

My crystal pokemon game’s been missing since a year after the game came out. Still can’t find it even after we moved.

Had to sell a bunch to buy my PS.

I broke my Lunar 2 disc at a party. :frowning: I called them and they just sent another though :smiley:

I lost Breath of Fire 3 once and now I can’t find disk one of Lunar 2.

When I was 14, I came across my copy of SaGa Frontier, split in half. I still don’t know exactly how it happened. Since then, I’ve bought 4 other copies.

  • The first one randomly doesn’t load things.
  • The second one just plain didn’t work at all.
  • The third is a MINT CONDITION…import. :confused:
  • The fourth one was like new, and finally worked well. I barely just got it a year ago. Took long enough, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

not really a favorite, but I haven’t been able to find my copy of hoshigami since I moved on campus.

wasnt an rpg but one day twisted metal 2 just vanished and i practically tore apart my house looking for it. i think my dad sold it or something. -_-

I lost Falllout 1 and 2. That saddened me. Eventualy, a friend gave me his.

I had my games on a stand protected by poison arrows shooting out of the walls, ala Raiders of the Lost Ark, so there’s no way they could get lost.

My dog ate my Illusion of Gaia cart ;_;

Not RPG, but I lost my Civ2 disc. Fortunately, it was installed on the computer so I could still play it :).

I’m totally trying to sell a copy of Paper Mario, since I have 2.

We should talk…>_>

You should all take better care of your possessions.

Yes existence is fleeting, but you may as well enjoy it in style.

I miss my Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars game.

I lost all of my Final Fantasy 7 and 8 discs when I was 11…then I found out my mom threw them in the trash. I would’ve ran out into the dumpster but I changed my mind (sure, they were good, but not that good).

I lost my Langrisser/Warsong cart. And destruyed(sic) my bedroom looking for it. I also lost my SO2(not really, I need to get that mailed to me along with my Cd collectioon(sic)

I an, ,m drunk, forgive my horrible typing