Have you been Rickrolled?

Discuss. I was Rickrolled in 2007 at 4chan with the GTA IV trailer, and again a couple weeks ago while I was playing Chrono Trigger, someone sent me a Myspace message telling me to check out this funny youtube video.

I also noticed that Lucca’s theme in CT sounds eerily similar to “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

Most people say Robo’s Theme sounds like Never Gonna Give You Up, not Lucca’s Theme.

Nope, but that’s because I never actually watch YouTube videos.

I actually got into a debate involving a friend. Seems he set up a site where as soon as you entered, Never GOnna Give You Up started to play. Just the song. Of course, when a friend of his girlfriend went there, she’d apparently never even heard of rickrolling… and just thought he was secretly gay or something. This then lead to a debate about “is it still a rickroll if there’s no indication it’s supposed to be a rickroll?” He, of course, refuses to admit it just makes him look like an idiot, and we all get to laugh at him.

Who coined the term rickroll, what is it, and why is it bad? I don’t GET IT. I know when you hear that one single Rick Astley song, it’s a rickroll… but why “roll” and why only that song? I just don’t get the point. Is it supposed to be offensive to hear it? It’s a pretty shitty song, but I don’t feel raped every time it pops up or anything. Ahh whatever

Hades, it doesn’t have to make sense. You know the rules, and so do I.

Wikipedia says Rickrolling come from an earlier meme known as Duckrolling. I always assumed it was called rickrolling because of this little shoulder roll he does while dancing in the music video.

Blame 4chan.

I’ve Played CT a shitload of times, but I always get Robo’s and Lucca’s Themes mixed up. Which are the only two songs in the entire game that I do confuse. I’m gonna have to play it again for closure on this issue, and hopefully not get Rickrolled again. But not tonight, tonight I must focus my efforts on my game in VP.

Family Guy Rickrolled me once. It was horrible!

Btw, has anyone been Barackrolled yet?

I was hoping Obama would quote Barackroll in one of his acceptance/inauguration speeches.

LOL, that was funny, 984. Anyhow, I did get closure. You were correct. It was Robo’s theme. Lucca’s theme is the (remixed)victory theme in CC.

I was in my friends room looking up something on youtube to show them(I think the preview for 9 or something similar) and I clicked on the first result and the song started playing. I was rather confused. If my friend hadn’t mentioned I’d been rickrolled I would not have realized it had happened.

Is it bad that I actually really like that song?

No. It’s a great 80s song. 80s songs have gone past the realm of guilty pleasure and into the realm of “it’s bad, we all know, let’s just enjoy it.”

Here here! And so let it be known that the lord said one may find rich pleasures in popular symphonies of the eighties, and let it be good. Amen.

You can say that again.

It’s an interesting question… I hope you decided that it’s not a rickroll.

Depends on how the page is used.

The whole point of a rickroll is the “bait and switch”.
Unless you were actually expecting something else, and then got Never Gonna Give You Up, it’s not a rickroll.

Although I don’t know if it has to be the video, or if the song is enough by itself.
Since it apparently started at 4Chan (not surprising) I guess that’s the place to ask about the finer details of rickrolling.
Probably /b/, but that’s a part of the internet that I’m not in a hurry to go back to. :confused:

Also, yes. I’ve been rickrolled a few times.
Comes with lurking at 4Chan every now and then.

I’ve had a few truly great rickrolls in my time.

Arac: Why do I suddenly get the mental image of you whacking someone over the head with a cane and saying “You young whippersnappers! Why I aughta… You don’t know nothin’ 'bout rickrolling. I, on the other hand, have rolled quite a few ricks in my time.”?