Has anyone seen this show?

It’s called Witchblade and I was wondering if TNT was going to show the third season this summer. Would anyone know of it?

Heard of it, never seen it…

Yeah… I’ve heard of it. Doesn’t look too awful bad, but I’ve just never gotten around to seeing it.

I like the show. It’s good. My mom and I were just wondering if it was continuing…

I’ve seen the movie, of how ‘whatever-her-name-is’ got the WitchBlade, but I have not seen any of the episodes.

Look up the station it airs on…it’ll probably direct you to show times and whether or not it’s continuing. or use a search engine and find the official Witchblade site. Or try www.epguides.com

I’ve seen it before. Watched on ep then I went right back to playing MGS, so I kinda forgot 'bout it ^^;

I saw the first few episodes and the movie - it looked like an interesting concept, but I thought they mucked up the fightscenese with all the flash strobe lights.

OMG, I LOVE that show! :smiley:

Ian Nottingham is SUCH a fargin’ badass. :slight_smile:

I know. I wish i knew when it was going to show the third season though… I think sometime in August…

Witchblade is based on a very popular comic book, which is still going on. However, I never read it (nothing wrong with it, it’s just not my cup o’ tea) so I never bothered with the TV show. However, I’ve heard that the show was doing great in the ratings, and that it was a very good adaptation of the comic. So, I would be surprised if it got cancelled, unless it had a sudden drop in popularity, or the producers went broke.

Why don’t you do a Google Search on it? Such a popular show must have a dozen websites dedicated to it. One of them must mention when and if it’ll return to the air.

I’ve never accualy seen the comic, though I’ve been meaning to look into it.

The comic is actually pretty good, I’ve got a few of them.