Has Anyone Seen Little Miss Sunshine?

If you havent, you absolutely must. It’s never really about anything. It’s one of those Character-driven films where nothing really happens except some situations that the characters respond to. Some situations are heavy, some are downright hilarious. But all happen on the way to the Little Miss Sunshine Beauty Pageant. The whole thing is low key, never over the top. Fantastic performances by all, most notably the girl who plays Olive. She dominated every scene she was in, and since she was in practically every scene…

Steve Carell gets mention for getting away from comedy and showing some damn fine dramatic acting chops, while still being well… Steve Carrel.

One of the best movies of the year (Alongside the Departed)

Yes, I have seen this film and I quite enjoyed it. I was also impressed with the acting in the film in general. According to a film-critic friend of mine, however, the film does follow some common conventions in plot development for independent films, and so he found it a little predictable, although he still enjoyed it a lot as well. I have not seen nearly as many films as he has, though, so I cannot attest to this.


Yes! :smiley: