Has any one noticed.

has any1 noticed how simaller marle and girl look?

check it out: :yipee: p:unch:: :eek:

I never noticed that before.

It’s been mentioned before, though I doubt too many people remember it.

Aren’t they both princesses too? I haven’t played SOM for awhile so i think I may be wrong

Yeah, they r both princesses(i think :hmm: )
Btoh same hair style.
I havent really played secret of mana to much, but have played Legend of mana (IT ROCKS:victoly: )

but yeah, i am pretty sure they r exactly the same exept with dif clothes.

Well they’re not exactly the same obviously and you can spot what minor differences there are in such small pictures.

The Girl’s not a princess, but the daughter of the chancellor, or something. Certainly different from normal.

Marle was a princess.

Yeah, so they look a like, many older games characters, look similar, since most people couldn’t be bothered to create a brand new sprite, or something like that.

What does this have to do with FF?

Speak your mind about anything FF-related, website-related, or nothing-related! Enjoy!

Yeah someone noticed: you.

The only thing I see that’s similar is that both have blonde ponytails. Other than that there isn’t much else. After all, you can’t make out much in 16-bit graphics. Looking at their art pics show they look quite a bit difference.

It’s the pants. Both Marle and the girl seem to be toting the “MC Hammer” style of parachute pants…

Isn’t the girl’s name Purim? Don’t just call her “Girl”, it hurts her feelings.

And Cid, isn’t Purim like…a Jewish Holiday? What’s the deal with that? I’d kind of like to know what, if anything, that has to do with her name…

Yes, it is. Purim commemorates a bit of history where the Jews nearly got wiped out (it’s actually a cool story), so we’re all happy and the kids all put on costumes (like Halloween, but not as spooky) and go around houses. Instead of collecting candy, though, they give stuff to the people inside (although usually they get stuff back in return). All the adults have to get drunk, too (it’s required). :sunglasses: So I’m not quite sure what it has to do with the girl from SoM, unless she dressed up as a gypsy. ^^;

That is one freaky holiday. Glad I’m not Jewish.

Originally posted by Heaven’s Soldier
That is one freaky holiday. Glad I’m not Jewish.

Are you kidding? That holiday alone has me considering converting!

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Are you kidding? That holiday alone has me considering converting!

Yeah I guess as a kid, it might be cool. But I hate getting drunk, so as an adult, I would hate that holiday. So like I said, I’m gald I’m not Jewish.

Don’t worry, I don’t get drunk either. There’s a loophole where you just drink a little more than you’re used to, and then go to sleep. :sunglasses: Generally speaking people get “funny” drunk, not “angry” drunk. It’s very rare that people smash things up during Purim.