Harvest Moon translation

Wow, another thread!

Lately I’ve been trying to find reliable information about the HM for Girls games. Yeah, yeah, I know… but the thought of getting to be the farmer girl sounds fun. I haven’t been able to figure out if any of those games have been released outside of Japan or if there are future plans for them to be translated. All I’ve gotten from searching are online petitions (ew).

Does anyone have any reliable information about this?

This is not reliable in any way, shape, or form, but I vaguely recall Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town For Girls to be scheduled for an american release.

Gamefaqs has a listing for an NA release with no date and IGNpocket has it as “TBA 2004”. So we can probably pretty sure that HM:FOMT for Girls is being released in NA.

I recall hearing en electronic monthly. that they’re releasing it in fall of this year.