Harvest Moon Online


Shitty link, but it’ll have to do.

I look forward to ruining your crops.

Slightly better link.

Whee, another game I won’t be able to play. Or maybe I will, depending on when it comes out. I wonder just how many people will jump in.

I loved the game for the N64, i played it non stop.

An online game? Shoot, man, I’d like to try one but I fear I’d be too inconsistent with my playtime.

As an aside, has anyone played the PS2 HM games and has opinions to share?

Anyone wanna get married? :kissy:

HM: AWL SE is nice, if a bit boring. Some aspects are very poorly explained (Such as having to buy fertilizer so the grass can grow. Thanks for that Natsume, I’ve got three beasts and running out of fodder. Assholes) but it’s always been like that.

The ability to ride the horse around is a Godsend. Yes, now you can actually ride the horse around town. This, unfortunately, is practically mandatory as walking around takes FOREVER in -real time-. The game speed is pretty bad at places but you can get used to it after a while.

The number of festivals has been very diminished and the interaction with non-marriable characters is little to none. You can squeeze out some special tools out of people but that’s about it.

Fishing is now less of a gamble, but still very profitable.

Aside from the horse (Which you have to feed now), you have a dog (Which you have to train so he doesn’t attack people), sheep, four types of cows (And bulls), chickens (Duh), Ducks (Downgraded chickens) and one or two things more.

The Ruckshack is now a Bag of Holding. In case you don’t know D&D, it means it can hold a fuckton of stuff with no problem. Your entire harvest fits in there.

Marrying is now much easier. As a matter of fact, if you aren’t married by the first year, you are proposed to by one of the girls. You HAVE to get married to proceed.

Your spawn (That means your son/girl) is now useful. You get to “train” him and influence his/her career choices (With Farmer being the best option over other irrelevant and inane things such as Artist and Scientist). People also grow and die as the years go by.

Overall the same as FoMT but with less people, less things to do, less women to marry and the ability to bang a very possibly underage girl.

I know! The instruction manual makes it even more unbelievable by saying they’re all in their mid-to-late 20s. Nami does not look 23 or 26 or whatever it says she looks, she looks 10. Same with Muffy being 29 or so.

As a note to that, the Japanese version had one more girl you could marry than the US version, Lumina. No amount of instruction book crazy numbers will make me believe Lumina is not underage. She looks like a kindergartener. Apparently the producers realised this too, and since over in North America, sleeping with 5-year olds is considered bad, they took away the ability to marry her. (I forget what the manual said she was, but I think it was around 19.)

You can marry her in the PS2 version. Yes, she still looks underage.

Japanese consent for marriage is 18 for the men and 16 for the women, which makes more sense with most of the games since the girls all look like teenagers and Jack can pass for nearly-twenty. Lumina still looks too damn freaking young though.

Tine to bring out the twin hoes Agony and Malice. The ground will weep as I plant my radishes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I so misread that the first time.

There’s a PS2 version? What’s the point? The only reason the game exists is to link up with the GBA version.

Like I said, it’s a pretty boring game.